kalor block side effects

kalor-block-side-effectsEveryone wants to be fit and healthy.  Why not?  There are hundreds of studies that show the benefits of being in shape.  This is also why there are so many diet pills being marketed these days.  The makers of Kalor Block, NiGenBiotech, market specifically to those who are frustrated with so many diet pill and even to those who have been swindled by some product that has not worked.  How does Kalor Block work and what does Kalor Block do?  Well, you are instructed to take two capsules of Kalor Block before each main meal and you lose weight.

How is all of this backed up?  Not sure.  NiGenBiotech says that dieting is annoying and does not work when people tell you what to eat, when to eat, and that diet plan do not work.  Kalor Block works without any effort; just take two capsules before each meal and you will lose weight.  Then, if you read the fine print at the bottom, it is written that Kalor Block is to be used with a “sensible diet plan”.  We are not sure why the main point of taking Kalor Block would be to avoid exercising, but then exercising is required in order for Kalor Block to work…a little fishy if you ask us.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee tagged along with Kalor Block.  This is better than nothing, but a little short.

Kalor Block Side Effects

We cannot tell how safe Kalor Block is because the ingredient list is not disclosed.  Not only do we not know whether Kalor Block is safe, but we also do not know if effective ingredients are used; basically we are all relying on the good word of NiGenBiotech to pull through with the promise of effectiveness.

Does Kalor Block Work Well Enough to Buy?

If $59 per bottle and taking the risk of Kalor Block not being effective for you is OK, then you may take a stab at it.  Until some scientific studies come out or the ingredients and ingredient amounts are disclosed, really all Kalor Block really seems to be is a gamble.  What happens so often when people gamble?  They lose.  There may be a minority of people who will try Kalor Block and find Kalor Block to be extremely effective, but that may just be a very small minority.  The facts just are not in favor of Kalor Block.  Try a diet pill that really works, is backed with at least a 60 day guarantee, and has ingredients that are going to prove effective.