kyo green energy side effects

kyo-green-energy-side-effectsAfter a relaxing walk through the forest or through a meadow do you start craving the taste of grass?  I didn’t think so.  The smell of fresh cut grass is amazing but I would not want to drink it on a regular basis.

Kyo-Green Energy is a natural supplement that is supposed to give you a noticeable energy boost without using stimulants.  You can use the powdered drink mix or you can use the tablets that can be swallowed or chewed.

There are lots of consumer reviews that you can read for Kyo-Green Energy and most people say they actually like the taste and that it isn’t too “grassy.” Some people even say that it is a good way to get nutrients. Other reviews indicate that it tastes so bad you can’t even use it.

I don’t doubt that you can receive a lot of the nutrients you need when you use Kyo-Green Energy.  However, they do not specify the nutrients you are getting so I would not recommend using it as a daily vitamin or even as a diet pill. It does not sound like Kyo-Green Energy is able to reduce your weight at all.

Kyo-Green Energy Ingredients

When you use Kyo-Green Energy you get barley grass, wheat grass, FOS, cooked brown rice, chlorella, and kelp. Many times when a product is available as both a drink mix and a diet pill one of them has significantly less active ingredients. Kyo-Green Energy uses the same size formula for both the pills and the mix.

The ingredients used in Kyo-Green Energy may help with the detoxification process.  Some people experience weight loss while using a detox diet pill because of the significant amount of water weight that is lost.  However, these results are rarely permanent.

It looks like Kyo-Green Energy is claiming to increase energy levels primarily by providing nutrients.  You can get energy boosting benefits simply from using the right daily vitamin.

Kyo-Green Energy Side Effects

After reading lots of customer reviews it looks like side effects are not too much of an issue if you can choke down the grassy drink.  The powder is supposed to mix well and not leave a ton of clumps.

Some nausea may be experienced.  Excessive urination is likely particularly if it helps with detoxification.

Does Kyo-Green Energy Work Well Enough To Buy?

Kyo-Green Energy costs about $25 if you buy it from a third party retailer that offers a discount.  The retail price is over $50 which is rather steep for what you get.  I could not find mention of a money back guarantee offered with your purchase.

When you are hoping to increase energy levels Kyo-Green Energy may sound appealing.  However, it costs a lot of money and you get very few benefits. Instead of drinking a forest every morning, look for a product that is easy to use and works.

If you are hoping to shed a few extra pounds you will be better off going with a proven diet pill (like DecaSlim) that offers tons of benefits and has been proven to work for increasing energy, reducing weight, and maybe even in clearing skin.