lipozyne side effects

lipozyne-side-effectsLipozyne is advertised to be a maximum strength diet pill.  It may provide you with several benefits such as an increase in metabolism, a suppressed appetite, and more energy.  At first when we look at the claims made by Lipozyne it seems to be a diet pill with almost everything you would need in order to be successful at losing weight.  Can they really live up to all the claims made?

Diet and exercise are necessary for sustainable weight loss.  This is because they can reduce your caloric intake and improve your caloric output.  Lipozyne is supposed to assist in weight loss by reducing feelings of hunger so you can stick to your diet while burning calories even without exercise.

Lipozyne Ingredients

  • Hoodia
  • Guarana
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Guggulsterones
  • CLA
  • Chromium picolinate

To suppress appetite, Lipozyne uses hoodia and garcinia cambogia.  Garcinia cambogia is supported by some studies in its claims that it may be able to reduce hunger and prevent overeating.  These studies are relatively preliminary, however, so using garcinia cambogia alone may not provide enough appetite suppression.

Hoodia is included in the Lipozyne formula but it may do even less for appetite suppression.  At one point it was thought to be an effective ingredient.  But there have been no peer-reviewed scientific studies that indicate it can be effective at reducing appetite. Many products that include hoodia in the formula are simply not up to date on the latest research regarding diet pills.

Guarana can be used to increase energy levels since it is a caffeinated substance.  Many people find that with greater energy levels they are able to workout harder and longer and they see faster results in the gym.

Some forms of caffeine such as green tea can increase metabolism.  Guarana has not been shown to burn excess fat when it is used in diet pills.

Not many of the ingredients in Lipozyne have been scientifically proven to be as effective as they would have you think.  In addition, both the effective diet pill ingredients and the ineffective ingredients are included in insignificant amounts so you may not receive the full benefits you think you are getting when you use Lipozyne.

Lipozyne Side Effects

Lipozyne is not said to cause many significant side effects.  It has typically caused side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, headaches, and nervousness.  Some people who are sensitive to guarana may notice some additional side effects.

Does Lipozyne Work Well Enough to Buy?

Lipozyne costs $19.99.  A money back guarantee does not appear to be offered which is not too surprising because it seems like it is only sold through third party retailers.  If you are hoping to lose a significant amount of weight, Lipozyne may not be for you.  The formula does contain several decent ingredients that may be able to assist you in your weight loss goals if they were included in greater amounts.  The downside is that Lipozyne does not have a powerful formula due to the low concentrations and because of that it is not likely to give you the extra assistance in weight loss.