mega t green tea gum

mega-t-green-tea-gumI love the idea of chewing my way to losing weight. Mega-T Green Tea Gum claims just that. Take 2 pieces of this gum after each meal and you will not only lose weight but see the added benefit of green tea in your diet. I just keep asking myself, can gum contain enough green tea to make a difference in my health and help me lose weight?


Mega- T Green Tea Gum contains all the ingredients you would see in any piece of gum including:  sorbitol, gum base, maltitol syrup, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, soy lecithin, artificial colors, carnauba wax, resinous glaze with the addition of green tea.

Green tea definitely can provide a lot of beneficial health benefits and also provides essential antioxidants for a healthy lifestyle, but Mega-T Green Tea Gum does not specifically put how much green tea is in the gum. It takes a lot more green tea than just a piece of gum to really give you specific health benefits including losing weight.

Side Effects

With the addition of green tea to the gum you may experience some side effects including: trouble sleeping, headaches, dizziness, nervousness, and irritability.

Does Mega-T Green Tea Gum Work Well Enough to Buy?

Mega-T Green Tea Gum is available to buy for $2.99 and includes 12 pieces. Its recommended to take 6 pieces of gum a day, so one pack would be the equivalent of two days worth. Some people claim that it tastes good, but the majority of reviewers claimed Mega-T Green Tea gum stuck to dental work, didn’t taste good and could only be chewed for 15 minutes or less. Mega-T Green Tea Gum does offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product.

It’s very unlikely that Mega-T Green Tea Gum will give you all the benefits of green tea in just two pieces of gum. There isn’t enough green tea in the gum to provide weight loss benefits and if you have to chew through one pack in two days, it can get expensive without seeing fantastic results. If you chew on a regular piece of gum you will most likely see the same results as chewing Mega-T Green Tea Gum.