mega t green tea ultra


Mega-T Green Tea Ultra claims to stimulate metabolism, fight fatigue, curb one’s appetite, and by so doing help one lose weight.  

This product also claims to help burn belly fat. This has many of the same ingredients as other Mega-T products, but this one is also more expensive than the others.

Unlike the other products, this contains a bit more caffeine, perhaps leading to more effectiveness.  Mega-T Green Tea Ultra claims to have ingredients that do the following:

  • Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, and Hoodia all dedicate to curb appetite, fight fatigue, and stimulate metabolism (Green Tea has been proven to aid in weight loss, and Black an Oolong tea as well.  Hoodia has never been proven through studies.)
  • Chromium to reduce body fat (studies are inconclusive about the effectiveness of Chromium)
  • Garcinia Cambogia to reduce food cravings and increase metabolism (effective when used in proper quantities)
  • Guarana to fight fatigue and stimulate metabolism (not necessarily impressive alone, no proof for effectiveness)
  • Eleuthero to increase stamina and fight fatigue (there have been no studies proving their effectiveness)
  • Bladderwack, Fo-Ti, and Gotu Kola to increase metabolism and eliminate excess fluids. (no studies proving their effectiveness)

Mega-T Green Tea Ultra Side Effects

Teas of all kinds contain a certain amount of caffeine in them, which does boost energy but can also be a health risk for other people.

Garcinia Cambogia is an effective weight loss ingredient, however, one should be aware that this does contain HCA.  The FDA recently warned people that it could cause Liver problems.  Although this may sound scary, there hasn’t been a lot of studies on the subject, so pay attention to further posts.

Does Mega-T Green Tea Ultra Work Well Enough to Buy?

Although Mega-T Green Tea does have ingredients in it that would help out its claims, it doesn’t disclose the amounts.  Hoodia and Acai haven’t ever had studies prove their effectiveness, so these ingredients are meaningless.  Green Tea has proven effective, but the amount it contains isn’t disclosed.  One should proceed with caution about Garcinia Cambogia, as the FDA has warned people about its potential effects on one’s liver.  People with liver problems should probably avoid taking Mega-T Green Tea Ultra.  Overall, there are more effective diet pills for one’s money.