met rx mega cla energy side effects

met-rx-mega-cla-energy-side-effectsAny dieters’ goal is always to lose the fat and put on muscle. This is of course possible with lots of hard work and dedication but can a diet pill really help you achieve these results?

Met-RX Mega CLA Energy is a diet pill that claims to be able to shoot your metabolism through the roof to maximize your body’s calorie burning potential Met-RX Mega CLA Energy also promises to give you a kick of energy and sharpen your mental focus.

Met-RX Mega CLA Energy is intended for those that are serious about getting into shape. It is great for the serious athlete that is trying to perfect their body.

Met-RX Mega CLA Energy power comes from the supposedly cutting edge formula that uses CLA as it’s main ingredient. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid which can be found in common dietary sources such as beef.

To see if CLA and the other ingredients in the Met-RX Mega CLA Energy formula can deliver on the promises, we should take a look at the ingredients.

Met-RX Mega CLA Energy Ingredients

Conjugate Linoleic Acid is the main ingredient in Met-RX Mega CLA Energy. CLA is marketed as a magic fat burner that will build up your lean muscle mass. This is only mildly true. There have been over 30 studies on these claims and the results are all over the board. It has been concluded that CLA has a small effect on fat burning and lean muscle mass.

The other ingredients in Met-RX Mega CLA Energy are pretty solid. Green tea is a clinically proven weight loss ingredient that is known to boost your metabolism and help fight free radicals to keep you healthy.

Although the ingredients look good, we can not be sure if you will get any results from the use of Met-RX Mega CLA Energy. This is because Met-RX Mega CLA Energy uses a proprietary blend which deprives us of the essential knowledge about the ingredient amounts. Without the amounts, it is impossible for us to make a judgment about the quality of this diet pill.

We can say that a proprietary blend is a bad sign. The only reason to hide the ingredient amounts is because they do not use enough for the component to be effective. Transparency is always key when you are looking for a quality diet pill. Without it, there is no reason for us to believe that Met-RX Mega CLA Energy will work.

Here are the ingredients that are included in the Met-RX Mega CLA Energy formula.
Tonalin Safflower Oil
Green Tea
Guaran Extract
Black Tea Extract
White Tea Extract

Met-RX Mega CLA Energy Side Effects

Met-RX Mega CLA Energy may have some side effects from the caffeine content, especially if you are sensitive to it. For this reason, it is not suitable for women that are nursing or pregnant.

Does Met-RX Mega CLA Energy Work Well Enough To Buy?

We can not say whether or not Met-RX Mega CLA Energy will work for you. Without the ingredient amounts it is impossible to say. We suggest looking for a clinically proven diet pill that discloses all the necessary information about the formula so that you can make an independent analysis of the quality.