mulberry zuccarin

mulberry-zuccarinChinese and Japanese medicine have relied on mulberry leaves for centuries for the control of blood sugar levels, and to block carbohydrates.

It’s only natural therefore, that weight loss companies would develop a pill that incorporates mulberry leaves to help control weight through use of normalizing blood sugar levels.

Mulberry Zuccarin is a natural product that claims to:

• Normalize blood glucose levels
• Block carbohydrates so you burn them and reduce fat storage
• Reduce food cravings

Mulberry Zuccarin doesn’t claim to be a weight loss supplement per se, but instead touts its ability to “control blood sugar.”

Why is this so important?

Well, if you crave simple sugars, overeat at mealtimes, snack when stressed, love carbohydrates and have a hard time sticking to a diet; the likely cause for your weight gain is too much insulin. It’s important to control insulin because overproduction can lead to sugar cravings; which may result in overeating and increasing fat storage. With Mulberry Zuccarin you can finally stabilize your insulin; and will find less temptation when it comes to sugary and high-carb foods.

Finally you may be able to stick to a healthy diet; and in addition, your mood and energy levels will improve, concentration will become heightened–and you’ll let go of unwanted body fat!

Mulberry Zuccarin Ingredients

Mulberry Zuccarin contains only one ingredient:

White Mulberry (leaf extract) 400mg is used for its potent anti-hyperglycemic properties. it can help with the absorption of sugar, and lower cholesterol.

When using Mulberry Zuccarin you should receive steady sugar levels in your blood so that your insulin does not spike–or so the manufacturers of Mulberry Zuccarin claim.

Mulberry Zuccarin also claims you will lose weight because you will not be tempted to eat sweets or unhealthy food. Those are great claims, but at this point it seems, scientific research studies to back these claims are completely lacking.

Mulberry Zuccarin Side Effects

Mulberry may be a natural alternative to acarbose and miglitol. These are substances which prevent carbohydrate digestion and give moderate results in normalizing blood sugar. They can cause uncomfortable gas, bloating and loose stools.

Although Mulberry was found to lead to less digestive-related side effects than these drugs, more comprehensive study needs to be administered before Mulberry is properly understood and marketed widely. For one thing, the effects of taking Mulberry before every meal have not been researched and documented.

Mulberry Zuccarin does deliver the disclaimer to not use “if you are pregnant or nursing”, and should “never be administered for the treatment of diabetes before first consulting your physician.”

Does Mulberry Zuccarin Work Well Enough to Buy?

Mulberry Zuccarin may peak the interest of dieters wishing to use a more “natural approach” to controlling blood sugar and food cravings. But while mulberry offers some health benefits, to what extent is debatable. And the side effects may far outweigh the benefits. It also seems Mulberry Zuccarin is a little premature in its claims to “treat diabetes” and “induce weight loss,” as there is no scientific evidence to support these theories.

Bottom line, we suggest you hold off until Mulberry Zuccarin’s effectiveness can be verified and there are more studies done.

Mulberry Zuccarin Consumer Reviews

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