natura cleanse

natura-cleanseDetoxification and colon cleansing has become a popular way of dieting and losing weight. It seems so easy to do, take a couple of pills and before you know if you have lost a couple of pounds.   Natura Cleanse claims just that if you take their pills you will lose weight, be less tired,  less irritable, have fewer mood swings and you will get great skin! Sounds wonderful!  But don’t be so sure….


Natura Cleanse includes the following natural ingredients:

  • plantain mucilage- A common fiber to maintain regularity and clean the colon
  • apple pectin- high in fiber to help with regularity, removes heavy metals and toxins. It also can decrease cholesterol levels and fat absorption
  • rhubarb root- strong laxative that can help with regularity and relieves constipation. It has also shown been shown to inhibit bacteria, hemorrhoids and upper digestive tract bleeding.
  • alfalfa- source of vitamins, minerals and natural fibers also improves digestion and reduces cholesterol.
  • fenugreek- this can be used to help with blood glucose levels it also can help control cravings
  • ginger root- used to calm an upset stomach and decrease nausea. It also works to lower cholesterol by promoting its excretion and impairing its absorption.
  • licorice root- used to calm an upset stomach and improve the blood supply to the intestinal lining
  • barberry- can help stop diarrhea, skin disorders and infections.
  • chamomile- aids in alleviating cramping and removes gas from the gastrointestinal tract. Other proven actions of chamomile include anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory effects. It’s a proven carminative and mild calmative.
  • coleus forskohlii- this can help suppress appetite and improve with muscle tone it also promotes nutrient absorption in the small intestine.

All these ingredients are natural and herbal. The funny thing is that none of these ingredients are cleaning agents. Yes, they may induce diarrhea, but they really don’t cleanse out your colon for an extended period of time or remove toxins.

Natura Cleanse Side Effects

Because these ingredients are natural, there commonly are no side effects. But as we all know, diarrhea can cause some side effect that do not promote a higher metabolism, energy or anything else Natura Cleanse claims.

Is Natura Cleanse worth buying?

Although a lot of these ingredients in Natura Cleanse would help with becoming more “regular”, none of these ingredients prove to remove toxins from your body or increase your metabolism. Natura Cleanse is cheap… at first. You can order Natura Cleanse for the price of shipping which is $4.99, but you must include a credit card number. Don’t be surprised when seven days have rolled on by and you receive another bottle of Natura Cleanse and are charged $80.00 (and from what I have read it’s hard to stop these automatic shipments).  But for $80.00 a bottle with no “proven” results, you really have to ask yourself twice if Natura Cleanse is the right cleansing agent for you!