now tru hoodia complex side effects

now-tru-hoodia-complex-side-effectsHerbal Supplement Company NOW, has jumped on the Hoodia bandwagon and created Tru Hoodia Complex, designed to suppress the appetite and ‘support thermogenic activity.’   Now for those half dozen of you in the free world who still haven’t heard of Hoodia, here’s a brief history:

“Hoodia gordonii is a rare cactus-like plant that grows wild in the high deserts of the Kalahari in South Africa.  According to folklore and Hoodia hype, this ‘natural appetite suppressant’ helped indigenous tribes make long treks through the desert with little food and water.  The Kalahari Bushmen allegedly chewed the stalks to curb appetite, increase endurance and satisfy thirst when food was scarce on long hunting expeditions.”

Here’s the thing; since Hoodia’s discovery approximately fifty years ago, it’s been harvested and marketed to DEATH.  If Hoodia is really so rare, how come it’s still so abundant?  Rumor has it that many diet companies are now manufacturing their own Hoodia, and you’re not even getting the original South African plant!  Just a thought…

NOW offers little information regarding their Hoodia product.  To explore it further we’ll need to look at the ingredients.

NOW Tru Hoodia Complex Ingredients

Chromium (ChromeMate®) from Chromium Poluniconate 200 mcg-Chromium is a truly excellent, and clinically tested and proven diet ingredient.  It’s an essential mineral that promotes strong and healthy metabolism while diminishing the user’s desire for carbohydrates.  It helps the body absorb glucose more efficiently, so it can be generated for energy rather than stored as fat.

Hoodia Gordonii 300 mg-for appetite suppression and endurance.  The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa conducted a study in the 1960s in which rats fed with Hoodia lost weight but remained healthy.  Recent research is hard to come by, and no studies to date have been done on humans.

Cocoa Extract (Theobroma cacao) 400 mg-a natural form of caffeine used in diet pills to produce a thermogenic (fat burning) effect.

Green Tea Extract 200 mg-another clinically tested and proven weight loss ingredient.  It is bioflavonoid-rich, its antioxidant power killing free radicals which cause disease and aging.  It also helps promote thermogenesis and metabolize fat…but without the SIDE EFFECTS of caffeinated stimulants.  Not just a fat burning ingredient, Green Tea is also beneficial to heart and liver health and may reduce the risk of cancer.

All-in-all, you’ve got a Hoodia product here with a few excellent ingredients thrown in for thermogenesis and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.  As far as Hoodia products go, this one isn’t bad.

NOW Tru Hoodia Complex Side Effects

Any side effects using NOW Tru Hoodia Complex will be related to the caffeine.  People sensitive to caffeine may experience jitteriness, irritability, and insomnia if taken later in the day.  A cactus that’ll make you prickly?  Go figure.

Does NOW Tru Hoodia Complex Work Well Enough To Buy?

Listen, this isn’t a bad product.  And you can find it for as little as $9.64 on amazon for a 60-count bottle (a 30-day supply.)  But here’s the thing; in the world of diet pills, this one is pretty weak.  Hoodia is not an ingredient that has scientific research on humans to back it up.  A lot of Hoodia users (myself included) found that they received a buzz from a Hoodia product (because of the caffeine), but little in the way of appetite suppression.  If you are really serious about finding a DIET PILL THAT WORKS, they’re out there.  You want to look for one with a high quantity of clinically tested and proven weight loss ingredients in the effective dosages.  This product isn’t bad for the money, but you probably won’t feel like a tribesman ready to go on a sixty mile hunting expedition.  I’m  just sayin’…