optislim fat terminator side effects

optislim-fat-terminator-side-effectsUnlike Arnie’s Terminator, I doubt very much Optislim Fat Terminator will “be back.”  Optislim may have given this product their name, but the simple fact is they no longer offer it on their official website!

Aussie Optislim’s product line is known for its VLCD factor (Very Low Calorie Diet.)  Optislim sells three programs that offer aggressive to balanced (and slower) weight loss and incorporates use of their packaged low-cal shakes, bars or soups. 

It seems once upon a time they also offered Fat Terminator–a diet pill that covered fat burning (obviously), appetite suppression, increased energy, blood sugar regulation, fat binding and thyroid health.

It seems it didn’t do a very good job…

Optislim Fat Terminator Ingredients

Ingredient information for Fat Terminator was harder to track down than John Connor (that’s TERMINATOR humor, folks.)  I had to scrounge around, and got quite irritated. 

First of all, ingredient quantities are non-existent.  I couldn’t tell you if the below ingredients are thrown into a proprietary blend (ie-useless) or offered in adequate and individual quantities. 

The success of a diet pill depends upon three things:

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS-ingredients that are proven in scientific study to give weight loss results.
  • CORRECT QUANTITY-ingredients are given in the dosages administered during study.
  • MANUFACTURING QUALITY-ingredients are of the best quality and are manufactured in such a way that potency is not compromised.

Here are a few highlights from Fat Terminator’s ingredient list:

  • Chitosan-a popular fat binder that is more hype than anything.  If you knew just how miniscule the amount of fat Chitosan can bind is, you wouldn’t bother. 
  • Bitter Orange-produces Synephrine–a natural form of ephedrine.  Raises heart rate and metabolism and promotes thermogenesis (fat burning) without putting strain on the heart and nervous system.  
  • Chromium-regulates blood sugar levels so you correctly use glucose for energy rather than storing it as fat.  Also controls your cravings for high sugar/carb foods.
  • Green Tea-contains natural caffeine and EGCG’s which raise metabolic rate and increase fat oxidation.  Also very high in antioxidants that stop free radical damage to cells and heal the body.  

Optislim Fat Terminator Side Effects

Optislim Fat Terminator side effects will arise from the stimulants Bitter Orange and Green Tea.  Side effects may include restlessness, headaches and the jitters.  But without knowing quantities it’s hard to judge just how harsh these effects will be.

Beware though–two reviewers claimed Fat Terminator made them ill.  One user had liver damage her GP attributed to this product!

Does Optislim Fat Terminator Work Well Enough to Buy?

Is Optislim Fat Terminator worth trolling around the internet to find because the company that manufactured it seem to no longer sell it?

Is it worth the cost associated with exchanging from Australian dollars to your country’s currency? 

Is it worth buying when ingredient quantities aren’t divulged?

Is it worth bothering with when there’s no money-back guarantee? 

Is Optislim Fat Terminator worth the risk when some reviewers have mentioned health problems caused by Fat Terminator–and others have claimed seeing no results at all?

I believe I’ve answered that question adequately.  Don’t you?

Fat Terminator–HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!