oral hcg diet solution


I once had a class that said that you can typically judge the veracity and competency of a company and certain products by the website.  A quick look at the Oral HCG Diet Solution website will help you see a couple of flaws instantly.  First, their before and after pictures have different lighting, and have been altered dramatically.  This would arouse suspicion in anyone looking to see the seriousness of the product.  If the product actually works, you would think that people would be more than happy to share before and after pictures that are accurate!  Now this alone doesn’t mean that this is a bad product per se.  From the main website, one can’t find an ingredient list, besides the fact that the solution does contain HCG, a hormone that they say will help one lose weight.  The website does offer diet plans, and gives you a strict 500 calorie diet per day, claiming that the ingredients in Oral HCG Diet Solution will release anywhere from 1,500-4,000 calories per day back into the blood stream.

Oral HCG Diet Solution doesn’t allow returns.  You buy it and can’t return it.

Oral HCG Diet Solution Side Effects

According to the website, side effects are rare while taking the supplement.  However, some may experience leg cramping, headaches, temporary hair loss, and tenderness of the breasts.

Does Oral HCG Diet Solution Work Well Enough to Buy?

This is a popular product on the market right now, but by popular I don’t mean effective.  There haven’t been a ton of studies to corroborate the evidence presented by the product’s creator.  Also, the $100 price tag with no returns means that you will be paying a lot of money for a product that doesn’t have guaranteed results.  There are other affordable supplements available with money back guarantees.