Oxotrim claims to be a thermogenic, which is a fancy word for saying that a product will boost the taker’s metabolism.  The product also claims to boost energy and suppress appetite, in order to give you the perfect combination for weight loss.  

The unfortunate problem with fat burners is that they are a dime a dozen, and can often be difficult to determine which products are effective, and those products that lag behind.  Like a few of the products I review, Oxotrim is widely available.

This usually indicates that it is popular, but this alone usually has no bearing on whether a product is effective.  From the outward appearance, Oxotrim contains a few ingredients that have been shown to assist in weight loss.  The ingredients in Oxotrim include:

  • Metabromine (theobroma cacao)
  • Advantra Z
  • Green Tea leaf extract
  • 30% tea polyphenols
  • 20% tea catechins
  • Serotain
  • 18.5% 5-hydroxtryptophan
  • Caffeine 200mg (equivalent of two cups of coffee)
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Taurine
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
  • 7-Keto
  • Coral Calcium

One impressive thing is that the company lists all the ingredients, and how much of each ingredient is contained in each serving.  

This being said, consult with a health expert to see if the ingredients in Oxotrim are of the daily recommended dosage for weight loss.

Oxotrim Side Effects

One unique thing about Oxotrim is that it claims to be safe.  Although it does appear relatively safe, it does have a few ingredients that you should be aware of.

Caffeine – This is a powerful stimulant that has been known to raise blood pressure, increase heart rate, and cause sleeplessness and anxiety.  This being said, it is also an effective weight loss supplement.  Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to take Oxotrim, as well as those sensitive to caffeine.

Advantra-Z – has potential side effects including hypertension and heart rate.  This has been clinically tested and shown to be effective, nevertheless, consult a physician if you have a history of high blood pressure and heart problems.

Green Tea Extract – This has been shown to be effective in weight loss.  Side effects may include: sleeplessness, dizziness, irregular heart beat, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting and headaches.

Taurine – seems relatively safe, and according to WebMD, has really no negative side effects.

L-Carnitine is generally considered to be safe, but people taking supplements with L-Carnitine in them have experienced vomiting, headaches, and restlessness.

7 Keto has been clinically tested and proven to help consumers to lose weight.  There have been few side effects associated with consuming 7 Keto.

Does Oxotrim work well enough to buy?

Oxotrim most assuredly has some great ingredients within each capsule.  From its contents, it appears to be one of the better diet pills available, though it might not always include enough of each ingredient to truly be effective.  

It seems as if they cram too many great ingredients into a small dosage, nullifying the effectiveness of the active ingredients.  Due to this fact alone, it makes a great product merely a good one.