panthera pharma primal v 4000

panthera-pharma-primal-v-4000My brother decided a couple years ago that he was going to become a body builder.  And he did a great job.  His workouts became his top priority and it was obvious that he was making huge strides in his ability to gain both muscle mass and strength.  But after a little while, these gains in strength seemed to reach a plateau to some degree and he never seemed to be increasing in size.  That’s when he decided to try a few diet pills that he thought would make a difference.

After quite a bit of research, he decided to start with Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000.  When he told me, all I could think was that even the name sounded powerful.  It’s a diet pill that is said to trigger the ideal environment for muscle development and growth.  To accomplish this, they have included in the proprietary blend some ingredients that may be able to increase testosterone levels in your body.

As a teenager it may be easier to increase lean muscle mass because of the high levels of testosterone that accompany puberty.  But as you age, testosterone levels decrease in men which could leave them with difficulties in seeing an improvement in lean muscle mass.  Using a product such as Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000 that can increase lean muscle mass could play a significant role in your workouts and leave you looking and feeling like you are seeing greater success.

Ingredients: zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, glycosaponins, eurypeptides, cyanotis vaga, 6-keto diosgenin, 4-hydroxyisoleucine, beta alanine, DHEA, stinning nettle root extract

Because of the ingredients and the mechanism through which Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000 works, it is not recommended for men under the age of 18 (and women shouldn’t use it either).  Also, some men have questioned how it will help them to lose weight since it doesn’t have any ingredients that directly effect weight loss.  Using Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000 can help you to lose weight by increasing lean muscle mass.  An increase in lean muscle mass leaves you with a higher metabolism making it easier for you to lose fat and keep it off.

Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000 Side Effects

Some people notice side effects like headaches, stomach cramps, and diarrhea after taking Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000 but these side effects, and others, typically disappear after a short time of use.

Does Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000 Work Well Enough to Buy?

Although my brother did see some of the results he wanted after using Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000, it didn’t do as much as some of the other testosterone boosters that he has tried since using this product.  You may see some results but spending $69.99 for a product that may not be as effective as others seems like a lot of money to waste.  Depending on where you buy Panthera Pharma Primal V 4000, you may be able to get a satisfaction guarantee with your purchase although a guarantee has not been known to accompany it everywhere you may purchase this product.