phenom v1 side effects

phenom-v1-side-effectsPhenom V1 is a diet pill that claims to set itself apart from others because it won’t leave you jittery and sick as most diet pills do.  Add to this its ability to “decrease cravings for succulent sweets, drop fat and preserve muscle tissue, and support mood with a ‘little bit’ of mood enhancers” and you may just have a winner.  After all it also has a cool name that reminds one of sleek sports cars or snake venom and a sexy black and red bottle.  And we believe everything we read, right?

Wrong!  You’re here because you refuse to be sucked into another clever marketing ploy.  A diet pill may talk the talk, but can it walk the walk?  The proof isn’t in its wowie advertising and artistic label because under the cap it could be nothing but crap.  The ingredients decide.  Let’s look at them:

Phenom V1 Ingredients

Phenom V1 contains a proprietary blend.  I don’t know about you but I don’t trust most blends.  They’re like cheap store-brand soup; they contain more broth than chicken and vegetables.  A diet pill needs to contain the correct dosage of each ingredient.  Who knows what you’re getting in a ‘blend’?

Phenom V1’s blend contains the following:

Cha de Bugre-the Brazilians love this ingredient.  Apparently it promotes normal appetite, stimulates fat burning and is a diuretic.  Unfortunately no-one but the locals have actually tested this product and without scientific backing it’s just hearsay. 

Banaba-is said to help the body employ glucose in a productive manner.  Fluctuations in blood sugar can affect the appetite and cause cravings for high-carb, high-sugar foods.  Banaba may promote healthy appetite and sugar control.  Another ingredient without clinical evidence.

L-Theanine – L-Theanine is supposed to aid in relaxation as well as increasing concentration and supporting the immune system. No clinical evidence to support this ingredient.

Glucomannan – creates a thick gel inside the stomach leading to a feeling of fullness-but you’d need a whole lot of it to do so!  It also purportedly delays the release of sugar into the bloodstream supporting normal insulin levels and allowing us to use stored fat for energy rather than glucose.  While some research has been done on Glucomannan, it does not rate as a top weight loss ingredient. 

Hoodia-from the cactus plant Hoodia Gordonii, it’s rumored that African tribesmen use this ingredient to sustain them during long hunts.  It’s a nice story but there’s no science to back it as an appetite suppressant.

Green Tea Extract-this is actually a clinically tested and proven weight loss ingredient because of its caffeine content.  But you need the correct dosage to be effective.

Cocoa-Theobromine-structurally similar to caffeine, but without the side effects normally associated with caffeine.

Phenom V1 Side Effects

Any side effects related to Phenom V1 will come from the caffeine in Green Tea.  I very much doubt there’s enough of it in the formula to cause any worry; or any effects at all for that matter!

Does Phenom V1 Work Well Enough to Buy? 

When the makers of Phenom V1 stated that you’ll not get jittery and sick from using this product, I believe them. I also believe their blended formula won’t do much at all unfortunately.  Besides one clinically tested and proven weight loss ingredient there’s nothing in Phenom V1 to get excited about.  It’s a pretty weak offering as far as diet pills go.  Save your money and purchase a diet pill that has the science to back it.  It may not have a cool name and sexy bottle but you won’t be tossing it in the trash after a few weeks either!