phenterexFor effective weight loss, you are probably looking for a high quality diet pill that is safe to use.  Although it may seem like the two cannot coincide, there are some top diet pills that will give you everything you want in one product.

Phenterex claims to be “the easiest way to lose weight”, but many diet pill companies claim this. Phenterex contains some ingredients that are included in top diet pills. However, just because it contains appetite suppressants and fat burners does not mean Phenterex is going to be effective. It will have to contain clinically proven doses of each ingredient.

Can Phenterex give you an additional boost to help you in your efforts?

Phenterex Ingredients

With Phenterex quality ingredients, “the pounds will just melt away.” Phenterex is supposed to assist you in your dieting needs no matter what they may be; because it not only suppresses your appetite but also burns fat. Included in Phenterex are ingredients such as:

Chocamine – a form of cocoa purported to help increase energy without stimulants.
Pheneylalanine – for appetite suppression and mood elevation.
Dicaffeine Malate – gives the benefits of caffeine but is easily digested
Synephrine – or “bitter orange” offers safe results akin to “Ephedrine.”

Many of these ingredients have been studied and found to be effective at reducing appetite and hunger pains.  Other ingredients like caffeine and Synephrine have been proven to increase metabolism and help you to burn fat.

The problem with Phenterex is not the ingredients, per se.  Rather, Phenterex does not include the useful ingredients in their clinically proven amounts. In fact, Phenterex has less than half of what is needed for sustainable weight loss.  It does offer nearly enough to cause the results that they advertise.

Phenterex Side Effects

Even though Phenterex may not have enough of many of these ingredients to cause permanent weight loss, it does have enough to cause side effects. When using Phenterex you may experience headaches, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, and jitteriness.  

Some more severe side effects associated with Phenterex are raised blood pressure, heart palpitations, and increased heart rate. If you have a history of chronic illness you should avoid taking Phenterex. If you simply must try it, please talk to your physician before taking Phenterex.

On a side note, here’s something to take into consideration concerning pheneylalanin. This ingredient may be thought to help with mood and appetite, but can also “spike” insulin levels leading to over-eating. You do not want to take a supplement that negatively interferes with your insulin levels. That alone will negate any health benefits!

Does Phenterex Work Well Enough to Buy?

One bottle of Phenterex is $60.  This is a lot to spend on a diet pill that offers only half the power it should have. For the same price you can easily get one of the top recommended diet pills.

In addition, Phenterex offers a very limited money-back guarantee.  It lasts for only 30 days and you may want to contact the company before ordering Phenterex because the information on the guarantee is not available.

Phenterex may have some of the diet pill ingredients you need for weight loss.  But it does not have these ingredients in the right amounts and I’m very doubtful that using Phenterex will allow you to permanently lose weight.

Phenterex Consumer Reviews

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