phentraburn side effects

phentraburn-side-effectsAccording to the manufacturer “PhentraBurn is unlike any fat burner on the market. It is supposed to help you lose weight easily, safely and do this without the need to diet or to “change your daily routine.”

Sounds pretty good, actually too good to be true.

In the weight loss industry, when things sound too good to be true, they generally are. While it would be very convenient if there was a magic diet pill that could help you lose oodles of weight without any effort on your part, the truth, is for substantial weight loss a healthy diet and regular exercise is required.

PhentraBurn Ingredients

Xian Xian Cao’s inclusion in PhentraBurn is a mystery considering there is nothing in the way of scientific research backing its ability to help burn fat.
Jobstears is a natural diuretic that will make you have to urinate more frequently. It can help with short term water weight loss, but the weight will come back just as quickly as you lose it.
Artemisia Drancunculus’ inclusion is another mystery. There is nothing in the way of science linking it to weight loss.
Psyllium Husk is a natural laxative that purportedly promotes colon health. Like Jobstears, Pysllium Husk may promote short term water weight loss, but don’t expect any long-term fat loss.
Bamboo Shoot will provide some health benefits and may even mildly suppress the appetite, but don’t expect anything significant.
Lotus Leaf can purportedly negate the effects of diarrhea. No weight loss benefits.
Medicinal Starch can purportedly help the digestive system.
Mulberry Leaf Extract mulberry leaf has many health benefits and provides many antioxidants. Some argue that mulberry leafs can help with diabetes and promote weight loss, but there is nothing in the way of scientific research backing this.

For a diet pill to work, it needs to have optimal dosages of effective ingredients. In the case of PhentraBurn, both parts of this equation are questionable. There is not a single ingredient in PhentraBurn with credible scientific backing to provide weight loss. Another red flag is that the manufacturers do not disclose the dosages of the individual ingredients, so there is no way of knowing if you’re receiving a sufficient dosage of each ingredient.

PhentraBurn Side Effects

PhentraBurn contains some ingredients that have been associated with side effects such as: headaches, diarrhea, loose bowel movements, gas, and dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water with PhentraBurn as the diuretic in it may dehydrate you.

UPDATE: As of October 2011, the FDA released a statement that PhentraBurn contains SIBUTRAMINE, a weight loss drug removed from diet supplements due to health and safety risk. Also known as Meridia, Sibutramine can cause serious health problems to users with heart disease or high blood pressure.

As per the FDA’s recommendation, you should “throw away PhentraBurn immediately, and consult your physician if you’ve been experiencing health problems since taking PhentraBurn!”

Does PhentraBurn work well enough to buy?

We absolutely do not recommend that you take PhentraBurn. It will not produce significant benefits and is not worth the health risks attached to it.

PhentraBurn Consumer Reviews

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