power pops

power-popsWhen a chocolate craving hits do you reach for a candy bar?  Some people have said that sucking on a chocolate flavored lollipop can help to satisfy the craving for an extended period of time without completely derailing your diet.  Now, can you imagine having a lollipop readily available in almost any flavor you could crave?  What if it was actually part of your diet?

Power-Pops may be the diet answer for you if you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied.  They are actually a part of your diet and can give you the results you’re after in 17 different flavors.  You can choose from cherry, pink lemonade, cinnamon, butter pecan, mountain berry, green apple, pina colada, candy cane, chocolate mousse, root beer float, watermelon, cappuccino, grape, banana, strawberry, orange, and white chocolate.  When your sweet tooth is demanding to be satiated you no longer have to binge on chocolate cake or butter pecan ice cream.  You can simply pop in a Power-Pop and be well on your way to weight loss.

How do Power-Pops work?  They are designed to provide you with a boost in energy that could increase your metabolism and therefore help you to lose weight.  In addition, Power-Pops may be able to suppress your appetite through the inclusion of ingredients like hoodia.  Other ingredients in Power-Pops include citrimax, L-tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and guarana.  The vitamins have been shown to increase your energy naturally but guarana is a powerful form of caffeine that could cause a few side effects.

Side Effects of Power-Pops

For the most part, Power-Pops are safe to use.  The ingredients certainly won’t harm your body but the effectiveness is certainly questionable.  Hoodia has not been shown to be an effective ingredient in weight loss supplements and it can’t suppress your appetite as much as they advertise.  Although guarana does provide you with an added boost of energy, it also has been known to cause certain side effects such as irritability, insomnia, headaches, nervousness, and dizziness.

Do Power-Pops Work Well Enough to Buy?

Power-Pops taste good and they could help you to avoid giving into the cravings that you have for sweets.  They definitely provide a boost in energy but they don’t really help you to see much of an improvement with regards to suppressing your appetite.

You can buy Power-Pops for around $1 a pop.  Since you are supposed to use about 3 a day it can cost as much as $90 a month which makes it one of the more expensive products.  They offer a free trial but then say that they won’t automatically bill you for the product or ship you a new supply without your specific request.  Since they have your credit card information this is questionable.

For anyone trying to lose weight with a severe sweet tooth, Power-Pops may be able to help.  But they are not likely to aid in additional weight loss or work better than any other product that you have already tried.  The different flavors are appealing but it’s a lot of money to spend just to get some lollipops.