rapidcuts shredded side effects

rapidcuts-shredded-side-effectsAre you looking to have the ripped body that everyone at the gym and on the street envies? Do you work hard at the gym but need a little extra help to push you past those last stubborn bits of fat?

Rapidcuts Shredded has claims to have that “pure, unadulterated fat-shredding potency” to shred through the fat and get the body you want.

It promises to have the most concentrated, highest quality ingredients proven to have give you quick and powerful fat burning results.

Rapidcuts Shredded also employs time-release technology, Capsimax, to give you the maximum benefit for a longer period of time.

Additionally, Rapidcuts Shredded claims to set itself apart from its competitors by giving you a super-concentrated supplement with no fillers.

If you’re familiar with diet pills aimed at the body-building type, you’re familiar with promises and claims much like these ones with over-the-top macho marketing hype that looks like someone gave the Caps Lock key a little too much love.

Is Rapidcuts Shredded really unique? Does it have what it takes?

Let’s start by looking at the ingredients in Rapidcuts Shredded.

Rapidcuts Shredded Ingredients

Rapidcuts Shredded points out that unlike its competitors, it provides full disclosure of its ingredients and ingredient amounts.

We definitely like to see this kind of honesty and openness from a diet pill company. Allowing consumers to see exactly what they’re putting into a diet pill inspires confidence.

Rapidcuts Shredded contains the following ingredients:
* Vitamin B3
* Selenium
* Chromium
* Ashwagandha Roote and Leaf Extract (63 mg)
* Korean Ginseng (12 mg)
* Olive Leaf Powder (30 mg)
* Kelp Powder (5 mg)
* Cinnulin PF (10mg)
* Caffeine (350 mg)
* Green Coffee Bean Extract (90 mg)
* Di-Caffeine Malate (27 mg)
* Cranes Bill Extract (17 mg)
* Hordenine HCI (16 mg)
* Yohimbine HCI (4.5 mg)
* Brazilian Source Yerba Mate (25 mg)
* Green Tea Extract (25 mg)
* Guarana Seed Extract (17 mg)
* Capsicum Extract (13 mg)
* Bioperine Extract (2.5 mg)

As you can see, the only ingredients that are worth mentioning are caffeine and green coffee extract.

What about popularly accepted fat burners like hordenine, yohimbine, or green tea? Or yerba mate extract, a substance thought to suppress your appetite?

None of these ingredients are contained in effective dosages. The only impressive dosage is caffeine, which will increase energy levels and prevent decreased metabolic rate. Green coffee bean extract is also at a decent amount and is effective for weight loss especially when combined with caffeine.

Those two ingredients are going to be the only effective ones in this blend. There is just not enough of the others.

Rapidcuts Shredded Side Effects

Side effects commonly associated with caffeine such as restlessness, nausea, headaches, and jitteriness can be expected.

Does Rapidcuts Shredded Work Well Enough to Buy?

Rapidcuts Shredded may help you up your game in the gym with the stimulating power of caffeine, and it may even help you burn fat. Weight lost as a result of a stimulant like caffeine may not be very permanent though.

Rapidcuts Shredded can be found for as low as $25.95. AllMax Nutrition does offer a money-back guarantee, but you are also at the mercy of whatever retailer you purchase it from.

With a money-back guarantee, Rapidcuts Shredded may be worth trying. However you may want to look into diet pills with more than one effective fat burning ingredient.