redux v side effects

redux-v-side-effectsRedux-V is a diet pill similar in formulation to Apidexin and Liporexall–two top-rated diet pills.  It contains five patented ingredients, four of which are clinically proven to work for weight loss and is marketing amidst many fervent claims:

  • Drop 17.3% More Fat!
  • Reduces Body Weight by 21.1%
  • Reduces Appetite by 19.7%
  • “Lose Up to 397.3% More Weight with REDUX-V”
  • “Warning if you lose more than 10 lbs in 10 days, please discontinue use of Redux-V!”

I am always skeptical of products that make claims like these.  First of all–where did the percentages come from?  How were they measured?  Probably from random studies pulled on the ingredients.  And it sounds good, right?  But are you getting the clinical dose of each clinical ingredient, and will they work as effectively in this formulation as they did in study? 

Let’s look at the ingredients and see if there’s anything to Redux-V or if it falls short of its competition.

Redux-V Ingredients

Redux-V’s ingredients are thrown into a 760 mg proprietary blend.  This isn’t extremely low–but it isn’t the highest I’ve ever seen either (Apidexin’s proprietary blend is 1111 mg.)  The problem I have with blends is it’s hard to discern just how much of each ingredient you’re getting.  Each ingredient needs a certain dosage to be effective–and you can’t measure if you’re getting those dosages when they’re thrown in a ‘brew.’ 

  • ChromeMate®: regulates blood sugar so you crave less high sugar/carbohydrate foods.  Also manipulates glucose so you use it for energy rather than storing it as fat.  A clinically proven ingredient.  In study test subjects ate an average of 365 less calories a day.  
  • Super Citrimax®:  curbs appetite and reduces body mass by burning fat.  It also increases serotonin levels that improve mood, quality of sleep and appetite.
  • Advantra-Z® 6% Synephrine:  Synephrine is known as the ‘safe cousin to ephedra.’  Synephrine is the main component to Advantra Z® (or Bitter Orange) and causes metabolic increase without placing a dangerous strain on the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  • Fucoxanthin-clinically proven to boost the metabolism, Fuxoxanthin derives from seaweed and has many health benefits.  It promotes cardiovascular health, improves cholesterol and high blood pressure and is great for liver function.  It’s also extremely high in antioxidants that heal the body’s cells and repair damage done by free radicals.
  • 1,3-Dimethylamylamine:comes from Germanium oil and acts in much the same way as adrenaline–increasing heart rate and metabolism.  It also causes an increase in cAMP which is the chemical messenger that triggers the release of fat.  It also suppresses appetite and causes fat burning.

All but the last ingredient here have clinical backing and work for weight loss.  Unfortunately there just isn’t much to this formula.  

Redux-V Side Effects

I doubt very much you’ll experience many side effects from taking Redux-V.  There are ingredients here that cause metabolic increase so you may feel your heart rate go up.  But this formula is basically safe and stimulant-free.

Does Redux-V Work Well Enough to Buy? 

Redux-V is kind of expensive at $49 a bottle plus shipping.  The deals do get sweeter if you order two or more bottles ($79 for 2) and they even throw in a complimentary bottle (of probably crappy) ‘DetoxAcai.’

The thing is–there are better versions of this product out there for the same price–or less.  Redux-V does come with a money-back guarantee–which is good–but it’s only 30 days whereas the competition offers a LIFETIME guarantee on their product. 

Also you can find many testimonials on third-party sites (not the official websites) for the competition and they only have a 2% return rate (people are happy with their results.)  When I’m seeking a first-rate diet pill I look for a high number of clinically proven ingredients in the correct dosage–and lots of positive testimonials.  I couldn’t find any for Redux-V.

Bottom line Redux-V isn’t bad but I’ve seen better.