Another product available from Newton-Everett, this one claims to cure pain and inflammation.  There are many anti-inflammatory medications available, and they seemingly are a dime a dozen.  Ok, not really, but you get my drift.  This product is designed to help assist in sports related injuries, and focus on the healthy aging, circulation, and improved mobility.  So what are the “wonder” ingredients that make this all possible?

  • Rutin (400 mg)
  • White Willow Bark (100 mg)
  • Tuemeric (100 mg)

Seeing again that this supplement is widely available online, this means that there is no money back guarantee.  I prefer to find products with this money back guarantee, because it indicates that they are serious about the product, and gives you (the consumer) less risk!

Relevia Side Effects

Rutin has many positive side effects, and has been shown to have some anti-inflammatory characteristics.  However, according to some sources there are also some negative side effects associated with taking Rutin.  They can include:  breathing problems, tightness in the chest, chest pain, hives, pounding heart, dizziness, headache, hair loss, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting.

Tuemeric is still relatively untested.  It may possibly increase bleeding problems.

Does Relevia work well enough to buy?

Though there are certain ingredients in Relevia that do appear to have some merit, and soothing ability, the amount needed to aid joint pain may differ from person to person.  Be sure to consult a doctor about the effectiveness of the supplement.  My personal opinion is that there are some potentially dangerous side effects associated with taking Relevia.  That personally would scare me away, and at a price of $50 per bottle, there certainly are safer and cheaper alternatives available.