ripped freak diuretic side effects

ripped-freak-diuretic-side-effectsHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to lose a lot of weight — fast? For me, it was my wedding. I kept putting off diet and exercise in the months before my wedding. When it was go-time I really wished I had made the effort to lose a few pounds.

Ripped Freak Diuretic is a diet pill that claims to help you shed those extra water pounds in a hurry, right before your body building competition, a beach getaway, or any other big event.

Ripped Freak Diuretic also claims to be the “FIRST and ONLY diuretic product that delivers a clinically-proven formula.”

While we can’t be sure about huge claims like that, Ripped Freak Diuretic does contain impressive natural diuretic ingredients such as dandelion root and juniper. Not only that, these ingredients are contained in effective dosages.

Ripped Freak Diuretic also contains magnesium to help ease and prevent cramping that can often occur as a result of taking a powerful diuretic.

Ripped Freak Diuretic will help you to lose water weight quickly. However, as with all diuretics, that weight loss will be temporary. You won’t lose any extra fat, just a few extra water pounds.

Ripped Freak Diuretic Ingredients

* Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion Root)
* Lactucopicrin
* Caffeic Acid
* Chlorogenic Acid
* Isoquercetin
* Luteolin
* Triterpenoids
* Phytosterols
* Juniperus communis (Juniper Berry)
* 4- Terpinol
* Luteolin
* Kaempferol
* Quercetin
* Isoquercetin
* Rustin
* Magnesium Asparate

Ripped Freak Diuretic contains 2,000 mg of dandelion root in each tablet. A recommended dosage is 4 tablets, so with every dose you’ll be getting 8,000 mg of dandelion root. That should certainly be enough to clean you out.

Dandelion root is a popular herbal diuretic, particularly because it is a good source of potassium, which can often be lost when taking a diuretic.

There are several warnings about serious allergies to dandelion. Check with your physician before taking this product.

Magnesium asparate is an interesting addition to Ripped Freak Diuretic. It’s included to help ease the cramping that can accompany diuretic use.

Ripped Freak Diuretic Side Effects

Stomach upset or diarrhea can occur. Dandelion root can also lower your blood sugar, so alert your doctor if you have symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, fast heartbeat, or shaking.

Because Ripped Freak Diuretic contains such high dosages, I’m a little wary about its safety. I would like to see more clinical studies on this particular dosage or consumer reviews that tell me more about individual experiences and reactions to Ripped Freak Diuretic.

Does Ripped Freak Diuretic Work Well Enough to Buy?

Ripped Freak Diuretic can be found for as low as $21.75, which is not too expensive. No money-back guarantee could be found.

As long as you know the only weight you’ll be losing with Ripped Freak Diuretic is temporary water weight, and you check with your physician before taking it, Ripped Freak Diuretic could be worth trying.

As far as diuretics go, Ripped Freak Diuretic seems to be a quality product.

For more permanent weight loss results, look into other recommended diet pills.