ripped juice concentrated side effects

ripped-juice-concentrated-side-effectsRipped Juice Concentrated was first introduced in 2002 by Betancourt Nutrition.  Jorge Betancourt won the Teen USA and National bodybuilding championships in the 1980’s and went on to develop products that would “help athletes and body builders achieve physical fitness faster.”

Ripped Juice Concentrate is in juice form–obviously–and is delivered via a handy-dandy syringe that comes wrapped with the bottle.  You take 4 mls after breakfast–and according to tolerance levels 4 mls more 4-6 hours later.  It promises to deliver:

  • Dramatic fat loss!
  • Immediate, positive effects on mood and motivation!
  • Immediate increases in energy and focus!
  • Reduced tendency to overeat (the #1 cause of fat gain)!
  • Long-term increases in endurance (so you can burn more calories at the gym)!

Ripped Juice Concentrated Ingredients

Ripped Juice Concentrated is comprised of a 1657 mg proprietary blend containing:

  • Beta-Alanine: by weight this is the “#1 ingredient” in Ripped Juice Concentrated.  It revs up metabolism for greater calorie burning and increases workout endurance.  It may even support lean muscle mass and aid with mental acuity.
  • 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine:makes you feel goooood!  This state of “euphoria” puts you in a better state of mind to train and stick to a healthy eating plan.
  • Nitrated BCAAs:BCAAs stimulate nitric oxide which increases blood flow to the veins opening them up for a ‘pumped’ look and feel.
  • Proprietary Methylxanthines Complex:a compound made up of SIX different forms of caffeine including Caffeine anhydrous, Paullinia cupana and Chocamine®.  That’s a lot of metabolic stimulants!  Paullinia cupana also positively affects mood.
  • L-Carnitine: helps with delivering oxygen to muscle and for retaining lean muscle mass.  It also has a role in fat burning.
  • Evodia rutaecarpae:a plant rich in evodiamine that may have thermogenic properties.
  • Yohimbe:Yohimbe contains alkaloids that may breakdown fat that’s been stored in stubborn areas.
  • Griffonia simplicifolia: a plant containing a form of serotonin called 5-hydroxytryptophan.  They’ve thrown more serotonin into this blend because of its high caffeine content which may negatively affect serotonin balance.  Serotonin upheaval can lead to mood problems and increased appetite–as well as poor sleep.
  • Bioperine®:a patented formula that helps increase absorption of the other ingredients in a blend, and assists with thermogenesis.

I have a problem with blends because they do hide ineffective quantities of the ‘good stuff’ and too high quantities of cheap and inferior ingredients.  You have some good ingredients here but nothing that sets it apart from other fat burning products.  A liquid form will cause delivery to be faster than pill form however, which is why they can claim “immediate” results.

Ripped Juice Concentrated Side Effects

The usual cautions come with Ripped Juice Concentrated–do not use with a history of illness, particularly heart-related ones.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.  Side effects will probably come from the SIX forms of caffeine!  Expect the jitters, headaches, restlessness, irritability and insomnia if taken too late in the day. 

Does Ripped Juice Concentrated Work Well Enough to Buy? 

Consumer reviews are positive.  Many loved the product from when it was first issued and are excited when it was relaunched in Aug 2011.  They claim it not only gives killer energy but also very effectively suppresses the appetite.  Considering over-eating is the number one cause of weight gain, this is a good thing.

My concern is the price and lack of money-back guarantee on the official website.  It’s $54.99 plus shipping–and you’re not getting your money back if you don’t like it.  Putting that into consideration you’re better off shopping around.  I found Ripped Juice Concentrated for as low as $22.   Good luck!