rx6 side effects

rx6-side-effectsI am still trying to figure out the name.  Rx6–‘research’ times six?  ‘Results’ times six?  ‘REALLY’ (hot ingredients) times six?  I don’t get it!  But I do have the six in the “6”.  Here they are:


Just for the record–as cool-sounding as ‘ADIPOSE TISSUE METABOLIC REGULATOR’ is, it simply means ‘FAT BURNER.’  Yeah I know–sneaky.  “Oh please excuse me a moment while I pop my ADIPOSE TISSUE METABOLIC REGULATOR.”   Sigh.  Over-achievers.

Also–this isn’t six claims, it’s three.  Rx6 is your standard fat burner, appetite suppressant and energizer pill.  So there.

Anyway, I digress…

Rx6 Ingredients

Here we go.  The proof of whether a product is brilliant or a bust is in the ingredients.  They cannot lie…

  • Caffeine (as Anhydrous)-yawn.  Dehydrated caffeine in a small blend is like drinking a cup or two of coffee.  You’ll get buzzed.  This is a very common ingredient in diet pills and will raise your heart rate.
  • Ilex guayusa (leaf)-indigenous to the rain forests this ingredient is used as a strong stimulant by the locals and to cure other medicinal woes. 
  • Acer truncatum Bunge (leaf)-research conducted on animals showed this plant decreased appetite and fatty tissue and controlled weight. But I’m not an animal (except in the sack.)
  • Arctostaphylos uva ursi(leaf)-makes you pee so you’re not bloated and ‘fluffy’ around the middle.
  • 6-Gingerol-fresh ginger which as you know has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as aiding in digestion.  It may also regulate blood sugar which could lessen sugar cravings.
  • Pausinystalia yohimbe (bark)-apparently coaxes fat cells to give up their fatty acid so it can be used for energy and not stored around your muffin top.  Does it use threats?  Or maybe blackmail?

It seems the ingredients cannot lie…but they can speak in Latin! I haven’t heard of some of these ingredients, and I’ve been around the block a time or two.  Where’s the clinical proof?  And how does BPI Sports suppose they’re going to get all that fatty tissue burning and appetite suppressing from caffeine and plants in a mere 575 mg blend? 

Rx6 Side Effects

You may receive side effects associated with caffeine.  You could be witchier than usual, have a rotten headache, experience increased heart rate and even have trouble sleeping.  But I somehow doubt it. 

Does Rx6 Work Well Enough to Buy? 

For $48.99?  No way!  Heck, I’ll go out in the garden, pull up a bunch of plants and throw them in my blender with some coffee for $48.99!  I’ll even send it complimentary overnight shipping!  Don’t waste your money.  For that price you can find a top-rated diet pill full of “SIX” or more CLINICALLY TESTED AND PROVEN weight loss ingredients with lots of testimonials to back it.

Wait–I’ve got it!  It’s ‘ransack’ times six because it will pillage you out of your money!  Ahhhh…I can move on now.

Rx6, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating