safe and effective diet pills

safe-and-effective-diet-pillsSafe and effective.  These seem like two contradictory terms.

But they don’t have to be.

Believe it or not, there are diet pills that will have you dancing for joy when the pounds melt off–without a single tremor, sleepless night, or missed heart beat.

It’s true that many diet pills have not been proven to effective.  In fact, some are even dangerous. If you take just a few minutes to sort through your options, however, you can separate these poor choices from the ones that are proven to safely work.

Common Side Effects

Every supplement you take comes with the possibility of side effects.  You have to decide if those potential side effects are worth the weight loss you could achieve.

Some common diet pill side effects include:
* headaches
* anxiety
* nervousness
* drowsiness
* lightheadedness
* insomnia
* sweating
* excessive thirst
* constipation
* dry mouth
* increased heart rate
* increased blood pressure.

Obviously not every diet pill will cause these side effects and some may produce others. Most diet pills users report only mild side effects but some diet pills cause serious problems.

For example, Meridia (sibutramine) is a prescription diet pill.  But it raises blood pressure which can cause serious complications for those with high blood pressure and heart problems.

Natural vs. Chemical

Many dieters turn to natural diet pills because they sound safer. In a lot of cases this is true since chemicals can be harsh on your body. But natural does not mean free of side effects. Mother Nature creates plenty of dangerous substances.

What Makes a Diet Pill Effective?

Just because a diet pill is surrounded by advertisements that tout its effectiveness it does not mean it will really work. Don’t rely on the hype of these diet pills. Rather, pay attention to the ingredients and look for proof that they can cause weight loss results.

Diet pills that boost metabolism with clinically proven ingredients can be a huge help.  They can make each workout more effective because you burn more fat.

Fucoxanthin, green tea, synephrine, and razberi-k are just a few ingredients that have been proven to work.

Another addition you should look for is an appetite suppressant.  Chromax, glucomannan, and irvingia gabonensis can all reduce the calories you consume to create even more of a negative calorie balance.

With any of these diet pill ingredients, be sure they are included in the proven amounts.  Glucomannan can keep you from overeating but if they include just a portion of what you need for sustainable results it won’t make much difference.

To achieve the most significant weight loss be sure to incorporate physical activity and a healthy diet.


Losing weight can reduce some health problems. Even a loss of just 10% of your body weight can reduce blood pressure and put you on the path to controlling Type II diabetes.  When you consider these health benefits, maybe a few side effects from an effective diet pill are worth it.

Some of the best safe and effective diet pills are listed below.  These products offer the clinically proven ingredients you need in the proper amounts so you can lose weight and keep it off.