satietrim saffron extract

satietrim-saffron-extractYou’re looking for a safe way of taking care of your appetite. You really don’t mind exercising, and eat relatively healthy—well, at least until evening hits. Then your brain is telling your body to eat anything high-starch and high-fat you can find. And you simply have to comply!

If you’re stuck in a rut you can’t seem to get out of, you may need a strong appetite suppressant. But considering you don’t want to buy a diet pill that over-stimulates you and turns you crazy, it needs to be something all-natural and healthy for the body.

What about SatieTrim Saffron Extract?

The brainchild of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, creators of popular drugstore products like “Fastin” comes a completely safe and herbal appetite supplement, which uses a quite different approach to taking on your diet demons.

How Does SatieTrim Saffron Work?

SatieTrim Saffron Extract uses a “patented blend” of the natural herb Saffron.

Used for centuries by herbalists to treat over-eaters, Saffron is a pungent smelling and foul-tasting herb, which due to modern encapsulation can now be enjoyed without making patients queasy!

How does Saffron work? The key constituent in Saffron is safranal, which has an amazing effect on the brain, stimulating the release of Serotonin.

Serotonin is known as the “Happy Hormone”, and makes you feel joyful, euphoric and motivated to take on life. In our opinion everyone should have a Serotonin “switch”—a bit like using a morphine trigger in a hospital!

When stimulated, this natural and safe hormone works on the area of your brain responsible for appetite, and 1) prevents you from feeling hungry—and—2) stops compulsive mannerisms like binge-eating.

The SatieTrim Saffron Extract Good

SatieTrim Saffron Extract—or at least a competitor SatieReal who offers “less” Saffron extract than SatieTrim does—performed well in clinical study, decreasing appetite in overweight women, and causing “substantial weight loss compared to placebo.”

SatieTrim Saffron Extract can be purchased at reputable supplement retailer GNC, and comes with a 30-day hassle-free guarantee when you purchase through this supplement giant.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract offers a “dual” solution to dieting and weight loss—taking on appetite and mood.

Saffron—and the hormones it induces Serotonin—are completely safe and side effect-free.

The SatieTrim Saffron Extract Bad

SatieTrim Saffron Extract is not offered by the original manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. This may be because they’ve sold their formula to GNC (which they do), but we don’t think so because GNC is still selling SatieTrim Saffron Extract under the Hi-Tech label.

Ingredient information for SatieTrim Saffron Extract is not disclosed—anywhere on the web.

There are no consumer testimonials for SatieTrim Saffron Extract. If you do try this product, please leave your comments for future users!

Our Opinion of SatieTrim Saffron Extract

It’s hard for us to gauge a product’s effectiveness when we do not have a comprehensive ingredient list at our disposal. SatieTrim Saffron Extract may well work great, but we cannot really endorse it.

Mind you, with a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Perhaps those herbalists of old were onto something with Saffron…

SatieTrim Saffron Extract, 2.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings