scifit hoodia 1500 ex side effects

scifit-hoodia-1500-ex-side-effectsSigh.  Another Hoodia product.  You’ve heard the story on Hoodia, right?  Hoodia Gordoni is a cactus found deep in the African Kalahari desert and grows in extremely high temperatures.  Apparently the San Bushmen of that region have been using it for centuries to help them hunt in the heat.  It gives them endurance and staves off hunger and thirst.  African scientists found the plant contained an unknown molecule that they’ve since named P57 that tricks the brain into feeling satiated.

Three problems here-first there’s no concrete evidence that Hoodia isn’t just folklore made up by someone wishing to boost Africa’s economy.  Secondly, Hoodia has not been clinically tested on humans so there’s no proof it works.  I have personally used Hoodia products in the past with little or no effect.  And thirdly, since this ‘miracle plant’ was discovered several decades ago it’s been harvested to the point that it’s now a protected plant.  So how are companies getting their Hoodia?  Just something to mull over…

And what sets SciFit’s Hoodia offering apart from other Hoodia products?  Nothing I can find other than its dosage.  The 1500 mg dosage (750 mg per capsule) is pretty high compared to other Hoodia products I’ve seen.  Let’s look at the ingredients…

SciFit 1500 EX Ingredients

SciFit Hoodia 1500 EX contains only two ingredients:

Hoodia Gordonii Extract Powder 1500mg-appetite suppressant.  Contains a compound that tricks the brain into feeling full.  
6′, 7′-dihydroxybergamottin (DBH) 10mg-nettle root that prevents the breakdown of metabolites in the stomach. This means you’ll need less of an ingredient to get optimum results.

SciFit 1500 EX Side Effects

No side effects have been reported from Hoodia usage.  It’s very safe.  I would only question whether you’ll get any results at all! Still Hoodia reviews are mixed.  There are consumers out there that swear by it, and others who like me were disappointed with its lack of weight loss power.  It’s for you to decide.  

Does SciFit 1500 EX Work Well Enough to Buy? 

There are a lot of weight loss products out there that are just ‘blee.’  It’s a billion dollar industry supported by millions of overweight and desperate people.  If a weight loss product contains 6 or more CLINICALLY TESTED AND PROVEN ingredients I jump up and down and shout from the rooftops.  Great weight loss pills are hard to find but they’re out there.  Unfortunately this isn’t one of them, and I can’t even muster a wobble let alone a jump. It is cheap, which the company claims is because they order directly from a manufacturing plant in Africa.  They also claim that only the best quality Hoodia is used in their product.  But everyone makes these claims. 

Bottom line, the choice is yours.  You can buy this little beauty for anywhere from $12.99 to $19.99 a bottle (shop around for the best price), or you can do some research and find a more expensive yet effective product. 

As for the African tribesman-my hat goes off to them.  Anyone who can live in all that heat with no Dish Network and hot running water and can hunt for days on end eating only a cactus plant, deserves several gold stars in the next life.  But I somehow don’t believe they personally endorse SciFit Hoodia 1500 EX.  They’re too busy finding the next watering hole.