sensa chews side effects

sensa-chews-side-effectsA lot of us are emotional eaters. Especially if we have a desk job.

Sitting here I’ve already logged in some serious chewing and it’s only 10 a.m.

It’s a comfort thing.

Sensa Chews wants to solve the problem of your love of chewing–and your monster appetite–by giving you a tasty little chew (Chocolate Fudge or Berry Blast flavors.)

It’s supposed to fill you up–so you don’t reach in the bag and empty it. (Which is a problem of mine.) It’s aimed at stopping those in between meal snack attacks. The ones that leave you covered in salt and food remnants like there’s been some sort of explosion in your cubicle.

Yeah I know honey–been there, done that, stained the t-shirt.

Sensa Chews Ingredients

Sensa Chews Ingredients are thrown into a 518 mg proprietary blend. All I can say to that is YUCK. Prop blends are notoriously sneaky. Why? They hide what’s inside.

They’re like that guy you used to date on the third floor–great-looking on the outside–but with the substance of a bag of air. Prop blends hide too little of any good ingredients and lots of cheap ‘fillers’ or herbals.

Sensa Chews blend contains the following:
* Glucomannan–this is one of those good ingredients you’re probably not getting enough of. It’s a water-soluble fiber that swells in the tummy and makes you feel full–so you simply can’t keep eating.
* Green Tea–another great ingredient I doubt you’re getting an effective dose of–considering an effective dose is 400 mg’s and the entire blend is 518 mg. Green Tea is high in antioxidants, EGCG’s and natural caffeine. It stops cellular damage from free radicals, healing the body. It also raises metabolic rate and burns fat.
* Banaba Leaf Extract 1% Corosolic Acid–a blood sugar regulator. If your blood sugar is out-of-whack you will store blood glucose as fat and will crave sweets. This is not a clinically proven weight loss ingredient.
* Maqui Berry–considered a ‘super fruit’ (whoosh–that’s its cape), the Maqui Berry is high in antioxidants–in the correct dose. Will not suppress the appetite or help you lose weight.
You’ve got a couple of clinically proven ingredients here (Glucomannan and Green Tea) but as stated, in a prop blend you’re not getting enough. I could almost bet the farm.

If I had one.

Which I don’t.

The other ingredients are fluffy at best.

Sensa Chews Side Effects

Side effects from Sensa Chews will come from the Glucomannan. Some users complained about terrible gas and digestive problems after using Sensa Chews.

(You can always blame the dog.)

Do Sensa Chews Work Well Enough to Buy?

At $30 a bag–that’s $1 a chew–when you’re eating 1-3 a day, I’d say NO!

I read a g’zillion non-biased testimonials (from outside of the official Sensa website) and most reviewers said anything from “I didn’t see any results but they were tasty” to “A WASTE OF MONEY.”

Some even said they taste a lot like those calcium chews.

Bottom line, for all the appetite suppression you’re getting, you’d be better off buying the calcium chews. At least you’d be getting some health benefits from those.

Sensa Chews will not help you stop pillaging your co-worker’s snacks.

And the half a cheesecake in the fridge is in mortal danger.