t up black side effects

t-up-black-side-effectsGo to the Nutrex Research website and you’ve instantly entered what I like to term a “man lair” (also known to some as a ‘CAVE.’  You know what I’m talking about ladies.)  The website is big and BAD and uses graffiti graphics, muscular stock photography and outrageous claims to sell its wares.  But can you trust “Nutrex Dave”–as cute and CUT as he is–and are the products for real, or real hype?

T-UP Black seems to be based on one test study concerning D-Aspartic Acid, an amino acid found in neuroendocrine tissue that raised testosterone levels in 23 human males and their furry rat friends by 42% in 12 days.   Why raise ‘test’ levels (that’s body building lingo for testosterone girls)–because it turns men into metal-crunching lifting machines, enhancing performance and causing furnace-level fat burning.  But is 42% enough?  (Experts and body builders say no.)  T-Up’s marketing ploys is thus:

“The testosterone boosting effects of this product will build up over time. The longer you use T-UP Black the more pronounced your results will be.”

But there is no evidence that continued use of this amino acid will increase testosterone levels over time without leveling or ‘ceiling’ out.  This is probably just clever marketing to keep your man popping pills. 

Is T-UP Black really–“One of the meanest, strongest and baddest testosterone boosters this planet has ever seen”?  The ingredients will tell us. 

T-UP Black Ingredients

The Ultimate Underground Testosterone Boosting Complex 3127 mg (say in loud, obnoxious and booming voice):

  • Sodium D-aspartic acid-shown in study to raise testosterone over 12 weeks–but most body building experts know that’s not nearly enough, and testosterone levels cannot be guaranteed to rise with continued use of a product like T-UP Black.
  • Massularia Acuminata-an unproven aphrodisiac found in nature.
  • Vitamin B6/Folic Acid/Vitamin B12 100% each-commonly used for energy and mental stimulation.

 I dislike blends.  How can you possibly know you’re getting an effective dose of the main component of this one (Sodium D Aspartic acid) when it’s hidden in a brew?  If you answered “You can’t”, you’d be correct. 

This is a weak formula based on clinical research conducted on ONE ingredient.  Bottom line–I doubt very much it will get the job done.

T-UP Black Side Effects

T-Up lists the usual side effects that may be associated with taking their product–don’t use if pregnant or nursing (I’m not sure why women would try using T-UP Black anyway) and always consults a medical physician if you have a history of illness.  I can see this raising testosterone in men a little, but the results won’t be significant.

Does T-UP Black Work Well Enough to Buy? 

For $54.99 you’re much better off shopping around.  Trust body building forums outside of official websites for testimonials by real consumers and body builders (God bless ‘em.)  If you are really set on buying T-UP Black for your “main man” you’ll find it cheaper outside of Nutrex Research’s site (I found it for $29.99.)  Nutrex Research does not offer a money-back guarantee so you won’t fare any worse for being cheap. 

Good luck!