tavateaHow incredible would it be to lose weight and see major health benefits by just drinking 3 cups of tea a day?  TavaTea promises weight-loss without the pain and suffering of hard repeated exercise, intense calorie restriction, and annoying routines.  They promise that by drinking their tea you will not only lose weight quickly but you will experience health benefits such as lower cholesterol, improved digestion, and it may even make you look younger.  They say big name celebrities use these teas to lose weight. All of these claims sound very convincing but I have to ask myself can TavaTea be that much more effective than plain green tea or is it really the new miracle diet supplement?

It is hard to sort through all of the promises TavaTea makes to find any legitimate science or research to back these promises up.  They claim that a Japanese study found TavaTea to be 157% more effective in burning fat than green tea but in all the other research I have done on these specific teas I cannot seem to find any other science backing this claim up.  We all know green tea has fat burning properties and has been proven to boost metabolism, which I’m sure TavaTea will also do because it too is a form of green tea, but I cannot say with confidence that it does it better than green tea.

TavaTea Ingredients

  • Sencha Tea
  • Wuyi Cliff Oolong
  • Puerh Tea

To use TavaTea one simply boils water and then steeps the tea bag until antioxidants and fat burning properties are released.  Because of this method, it is not clear how much of each tea one is getting per cup.  With any diet supplement it is necessary to know if you are getting the correct amount of each ingredient to prove its effectiveness.

TavaTea Side Effects

As true with any stimulating weight-loss supplement or green tea, one may experience irritability, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, increased heart rate, and an increased blood pressure because of the high doses of natural caffeine found in the tea.  Those who are sensitive to the side effects of caffeine should drink this tea cautiously.

Does TavaTea Work Well Enough to Buy?

It is hard to give this supplement a recommendation either way.  At a price tag of $59.45 for a months supply the consumer would be paying loads more than regular green tea at the grocery store.  While it is true a Japanese study found TavaTea to be 157% more effective that green tea I cannot find any other research to back this claim up.  I also do not like the fact that you do not know how much of the key ingredients you are getting when you steep the tea bag.  I think I personally might get sick of drinking three cups of the same tea every single day but for those who like tea and can afford the $56.95 a month for TavaTea it definitely may be worth a try.