the 100 calorie diet side effects

the-100-calorie-diet-side-effectsThe Trimble sisters were obese. Susie Trimble was over 340 lbs!

They tried every diet they found–without success.


Because each diet came to the same sad conclusion–they denied the sisters foods they craved.

And ultimately they would binge eat.

So they created the 100 Calorie Diet. And now they want to share it with you.

With the 100 Calorie Diet, women eat up to 1,500 calories a day, and men up to 2,000–in 100 calorie increments.

This doesn’t mean you only eat 100 calorie increments at a time–you’d be starving! It means you eat up to 500+ calories at a time but in easy 100 calorie units.

And the Trimble sisters have made it easy for you.

Here’s how…

The 100 Calorie Diet Ingredients

For $39.95 you receive the following in instant ‘e’ book (electronic book) form:
* The 100 Calorie Diet Book
* The 100 Calorie Diet Food Counter
* The 100 Calorie Diet Fast Food and Restaurant Counter
* The 100 Calorie Diet Cook Book
* The 100 Calorie Diet Journal

You simply–
Look up 100 calorie foods in the Food Counter
Log what you eat in the Food Journal! Simple!

And if you want to eat nutritionally balanced foods, at the bottom of each page of the Diet Journal there’s a check-off list of healthy foods so you receive optimal daily nutrition.

Plus–psst–if you want a treat, the 100 Calorie Diet includes those too!

In fact, with this diet you don’t need to deny yourself anything. It’s a diet without–

* Weird, faddish foods and eating habits
* Low-Fat Foods
* Low-Sugar Foods
* Low-Carb Foods
* And Pre-Packaged Foods

The only downside I can see to the 100-Calorie diet is you have to–
Plan ahead
Track the foods you eat–carefully.
Drink 10 8 oz glasses of water a day
Print the Food Journal at your own cost
Print the other books at your own cost–if you don’t want to run back and forth to your computer.

Other than that I can totally see the 100 Calorie Diet working–for everyone! As long as you’re willing to put in some preparation, write everything down that you eat, and STICK WITH IT!

The 100 Calorie Diet Side Effects

I cannot see any side effects with the 100 Calorie Diet. It gives you a list of “free foods” if you’re still hungry, so you shouldn’t feel the negative effects of hunger (dizziness, hunger pains, weakness, fatigue etc.)

Plus 1,500 daily calories for women and 2,000 daily calories for men isn’t extreme and should give you a steady 2 lb a week weight loss.

Remember to incorporate 30 minutes of cardio into your day to keep your heart strong, your cholesterol low and your muscles happy. But it doesn’t have to be strenuous and take up hours of your day!

Does The 100 Calorie Diet Work Well Enough to Buy?

Yes I believe so. For $39.95 you’re getting a lot of tools to help you, there’s nothing weird or faddish about it, you’re not taking potentially harmful pills and you don’t need to deny yourself anything…

…which is essential to staying on a diet and not blowing it with emotionally and physically destructive binging.

Two thumbs way up Trimble sisters!