the cleanse


The Cleanse aims at creating a whole body cleanse.  These products are unique, and the aim is as well, but the website doesn’t clarify exactly what is in the products.  What a cleanse aims to do is rid the body of any toxins that would be detrimental to one’s health, thereby allowing greater weight loss and overall quality of life.  

Also, this program is unique because it also involves yoga, and is essentially a diet program more than anything else.  Anyone choosing to adhere to this diet is basically asking for a lifestyle change that is dramatic.  Now, I am a big advocate of all-natural processes when it comes to loosing weight, but the effectiveness of this cleanse hasn’t been scientifically proven.

The Cleanse Side Effects

The only form of side effects may come from the discomfort from enemas and perhaps increased bowel movement.

Does The Cleanse Work Well Enough to Buy?

The Cleanse is very, very expensive! There isn’t an ingredients list available on the website, and the truth of the matter is that anyone who follows the healthy eating and working out plan will lose weight.  If you limit caloric intake while at the same time working out you will lose weight.  

This being said, you should be very careful when looking at The Cleanse.  Does it work effectively?  I don’t know the answer to this because of the company’s failure to list a readily available ingredients list.  I will therefore say that the healthy eating prescribed by the website will benefit you, as well as the working out.  

However, the benefits of the expensive system are unknown.