thermobuterol hardcore side effects

thermobuterol-hardcore-side-effectsThe ‘skinny’ on Thermobuterol Hardcore is it’s a product by SEI Pharmaceuticals–yet another body building supplement site–that has given their product an extremely lonnnnng name and excruciatingly awful blown-up claims.


* THERMBUTEROL HARDCORE has been created specifically for extreme athletes who are looking to get shredded beyond the body’s natural limits!


* THERMBUTEROL HARDCORE’s formula addresses every major fat-loss mechanism known to researchers around the world!

Yeah–I may be a little jaded when it comes to products like these.

Anyway, Thermobuterol Hardcore is supposed to do the following:

* Promotes weight loss and ‘no crash’ energy!
* Promotes a reduction in abdominal fat!
* May help as an appetite suppressant!
* May reduce water retention!

Whether it will or not depends solely upon the ingredients. I suppose we’d better look at ‘em…

Thermobuterol Hardcore Ingredients

The following ingredients are administered in a (sigh) 500 mg proprietary blend. Why is this awful? Well, because–

* 500 mg is LOW. Most diet pill ingredients require at least 200 mg EACH to be effective.
* Prop blends are notorious villains, hiding ineffective dosages of the good ingredients that are actually effective and too much of the cheaper and crappier ones.

Without further ado let’s unveil the ingredients:

* 4-Methylhexan 2-Amine HCL-a derivative of geranium oil which closely mimics adrenaline–stimulating heart rate and metabolism, energy levels and physical performance. It also causes your body to release fat by triggering the chemical messenger cAMP.
* Yohimbine HCL-an appetite suppressant and an ingredient proven in studies to breakdown fat by causing fat cells to release their fatty acids to be burned as energy.
* White Willow Bark-a natural aspirin widely used in weight-loss supplements and fat burners–for reasons still unknown to me! Basically useless.
* Lychee Fruit Extract-contains antioxidant properties, may reduce fat, works to decrease post workout fatigue.
* N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine-like neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, this ingredient makes you feel good and supports mental focus and concentration.
* Capsaicin (Cayenne Pepper)-thought to raise metabolism which increases thermogenesis. May also work as an appetite suppressant–may.
* Ginger Root-traditionally used for stomach ailments, Ginger Root may also have a thermogenic effect–may.
* Dandelion Leaf Extract-a natural diuretic makes you pee.) May also support kidney function–may.

Folks, this is a LOT of ingredients to toss into a 500 mg blend. Do the math–you’re not getting enough. And where’s the top-rated, clinically proven ingredients. Hmmm….they seem to be strangely absent.

Thermobuterol Hardcore Side Effects

Looking at the ingredients I wouldn’t expect many side effects other than mild ones from the stimulants (the jitters, restlessness, headaches maybe), and perhaps peeing more than usual for the first few days (which is probably all the weight you’ll lose.)

But according to one consumer review they experienced ‘salivating’, ‘extreme heat’ and felt ‘so nauseas they had to lie down’!

With that in mind, you may not want to use Thermobuterol Hardcore if you have a history of high blood pressure or heart problems. And definitely stay away from pills such as these if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Does Thermobuterol Hardcore Work Well Enough to Buy?

Thermobuterol is HOLY COW EXPENSIVE. If you buy it on the official website you’ll spend $79.99 plus shipping! That’s a lot of moola for a product with only 500 mg of ‘blee’ ingredients!

If you must buy this product, purchase outside of the official site. I found it for $54.95–which is still too expensive.

SEI Pharmaceuticals only offer a money-back guarantee on UNOPENED product, (which is no refund policy at all), so you’re better off buying from anyone else but them.

But bottom line you should spend your money on a better diet pill.