By Jennifer Talmage
October 7, 2015

Thin n’ Slim PM

Usually I feel like I am pretty good at sticking to my diet.  But lately, the midnight munchies are always there.  If I’m staying up late, I have to keep snacks beside me.  Most of the time, my husband is the one to suggest that we make a midnight run for chicken nuggets and a shake (can I thank him for my weight troubles?).  But the other night, I made that suggestion.  So in our pajamas we sought out an open fast food joint and gave into our cravings.

This got me wondering if a diet pill to prevent midnight cravings would be useful for my troubles so I did a little research.  Thin n’ Slim  PM seems like a decent option for a nighttime diet pill when you look at the official website.  However, a little research into this product shows that it may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Thin n’ Slim PM Ingredients

The ingredient list is relatively simple and does not have many ingredients that are going to cause side effects.  The ingredients in Thin n’ Slim  PM are

  • Glucomannan
  • Hops
  • Valerian root
  • B vitamins
  • Relaxing herbs

There have been many times that I have used essential oils and various herbs for their relaxing qualities.  But Thin n’ Slim  PM does not go into detail as to which herbs are included so it is hard to know if you are really going to experience a greater sense of relaxation.

Let’s give Thin n’ Slim  PM the benefit of the doubt and assume that it can help you to feel tired and relaxed.  Are the other ingredients good for weight loss?

Glucomannan is the main ingredient that could be used to reduce hunger.  It has been shown in clinical trials to be effective at increasing feelings of satiety.  Glucomannan is a fiber like substance.  It is usually taken with water before a meal because it can absorb several times its weight.  This helps to quickly fill you up so that you do not have a desire to continue eating.

Diet pills with glucomannan can help to further weight loss goals.  But to see the results that are advertised, Thin n’ Slim  PM would need to include this ingredient in a fairly significant amount (usually about 1.5 grams are needed).  Since they do not specify how much of each ingredient is included it is highly doubtful that you will get full results from using this diet pill.

Thin n’ Slim PM Side Effects

Not many side effects can be expected when you use Thin n’ Slim  PM.  Instead, it can provide you with a greater feeling of satiety safely.  If you do notice any problems, they will likely be mild and may include nausea.

Does Thin n’ Slim PM Work Well Enough to Buy?

I would definitely use a diet pill that prevents cravings at night.  But Thin n’ Slim  PM is certainly not the product to try.  Thin n’ Slim  PM is a promising base for an effective diet pill but will not provide all the benefits they advertise.  To avoid those diet crushing cravings, use a diet pill with glucomannan in the right amounts.

Thin n’ Slim  PM will not do much for you if you do not suffer from midnight cravings.  Actually, it will not do much period.  Luckily, there are other diet pills that have been proven to be effective at reducing weight day and night.

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