ultimate nutrition perfect diet for women side effects

ultimate-nutrition-perfect-diet-for-women-side-effects“Perfect Diet for Women” by Ultimate Nutrition is obviously anything but because it’s hard to find!  It should be appropriately named “Shy Diet for Women”!!!

 The concept of gender-specific weight loss is hardly new.  After all men and women are genetically different (praise be!) and ‘one size’ doesn’t necessarily fit all.  The only problem being most diet pills for women are regular old diet pills with ingredients like calcium and folic acid thrown in.  Add a pink bottle and eh voila!  Is “Perfect Diet for Women” any different? It claims to be formulated to use the “newest science on fat loss for women” and to “provide increased energy and metabolism.”

But can it deliver like a 9 lb. baby?  Let’s take a look at it.

Perfect Diet for Women Ingredients

One thing going for “Perfect Diet for Women” right out of the gate is the fact that it’s not administered in a proprietary blend.  You’re given each ingredient in individual dosages.  But are you getting enough of the really effective ingredients?

  • Yerba Mate (Leaf) 547 mg– said to stimulate the mind and body like caffeine without the side effects.  May have thermogenic properties; burning fat and increasing energy.  No clinical proof.
  • Guarana Extract (Seed) 547mg– again caffeine is the primary ingredient in Guarana.  Another stimulant with no clinical proof to back it.
  • Cayenne (Fruit) 150mg– has antioxidant properties and contains alkaloid capsaicin which helps raise the body’s metabolic rate.  No clinical evidence to support this ingredient as a fat burner. 
  • Bitter Orange Extract (Fruit) 133mg– some research has been done on this ingredient.  There’s evidence it suppresses the appetite and increases metabolism while maintaining lean muscle mass. Also helps with stomach ailments and constipation.
  • Green Tea Extract (Leaf) 63mg– green tea is a powerful antioxidant with a high caffeine content to raise metabolism and burn fat.  Extensive clinical research supports this ingredient.
  • White Willow Extract (Bark) 60mg– may boost the effect of the other ingredients and has pain relieving properties.

Two things stand out here; first of all the only top-rated weight loss ingredient in the batch is Green Tea and 63 mg is probably not going to get the job done.  The other ingredients are nothing special.  Secondly what’s gender-specific about this?  I can’t find a single ‘girly’ ingredient in the bunch!  I don’t even see any folic acid for crying out loud!  And where’s the nutritious stuff?  Mama likes vitamins!

Perfect Diet for Women Side Effects

Side effects associated with this product will come from all the stimulants.  Let’s face it, this is a product that’s 90% caffeine or caffeine-related, and 10% fluffy stuff (but not pink and cuddly fluffy stuff!) I would expect to feel jittery using this product…and perhaps nauseas, headachy and irritable-without the monthly period.  (If there’s enough in it to cause these ailments. Otherwise you’ll just feel jipped!)

Does Perfect Diet for Women Work Well Enough to Buy? 

Sorry ladies, this is anything but a perfect diet for women.  It’s certainly not specific to women; your significant other could use this without the fear of increasing estrogen levels and suddenly listening to Lionel Ritchie!   There’s nothing in it that’s noteworthy other than Green Tea either.  Perfect Diet for Women is perfectly average.

What you need-in addition to a whole new relationship with diet and exercise-is a top-rated diet pill that’ll get it done for you; without turning you into a witch!  And there are gender-specific ones in the offing that actually cater to your needs; offering mood enhancement while burning fat and slimming down beautiful you.  Look for ones with six or more scientifically PROVEN ingredients.  And stay away from anything that markets itself as ‘perfect.’  Nobody’s perfect.  That’s one of the miracles of life.