ultralean side effects

ultralean-side-effectsYo, yo diet pill divas! What’s up?

We all like diet pills with names like ‘Ultralean’ don’t we?

That’s because beneath the padding we’re all lean, svelte toothpicks who slide into dresses, skirts and jeans without having to battle unsightly bulge.

And then we wake up…

SEI Pharmaceuticals is your typical body building company, whose site is covered in muscular, oiled-up stock photography.

(It’s a hard job but someone has to do it.)

They claim Ultralean will–


And that Ultralean:

* “Is an advanced Abdominal Fat Shredder which plays a vital role
in reducing body fat, suppressing cravings and supporting joint flexibility.”

* “Has also been shown to support lean muscle gain, help with energy
and focus, and cut sugar cravings.”

The problem being they don’t actually support any of these claims with clinical research.

Without science it’s just ‘dust in the wind.’

(Great–now I have that tune in my head.)

Let’s look at the ingredients. Unlike diet companies and their claims, ingredients never lie.

Ultralean by SEI PharmaceuticalsIngredients

Do you want the bad news now, or after I’ve listed the ingredients?

Oh–I’ll just go ahead. Why procrastinate?

The following ingredients are delivered in a ‘formula’ of unknown dosage.

“Yeah, so?” you say.

Well, formulas are ‘proprietary blends.’ You can’t tell how much of each ingredient you’re getting in a blend–and it’s usually nowhere near enough. To add insult to injury, SEI Pharmaceuticals are hiding even the blend dosage itself. YIKES.

Here’s what is in it:

* Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA)-a clinically proven ingredient–if delivered in the correct dose. It’s been shown to burn body fat and promote lean muscle. It also stops your stored fat cells from grabbing onto fat in your blood stream and stuffing themselves bigger!
* Fish Oil-contains the essential omega-3 fatty acids found to be beneficial for burning fat. It does this by converting into prostaglandins that stimulate thermogenesis.
* Caffeine-a cheap yet effective stimulant. It raises heart rate, increases energy and promotes thermogenesis. It also stimulates evacuation (‘number two’–ask your kid if you don’t know what this means.)
* Green tea extract-contains natural caffeine and EGCG which raises metabolic rate and burns fat. It’s also high in antioxidant power which kills the free radicals that damage your cells and cause disease and aging.

CLA and Green Tea are clinically proven weight loss ingredients–if administered in the correct and clinical dose (which in a blend is highly unlikely.)

Bottom line this formula is weak and for all it’s fancy talk probably relies mostly upon caffeine to get the job done. I can almost bet money on it.

If I was a betting woman.

(Which I’m not.)

Ultralean by SEI Pharmaceuticals Side Effects

Any side effects from taking Ultralean will come from the caffeine. Expect the jitters, restlessness, headaches etc.–but honestly it’s hard to judge in a formula of unknown quantity.

Does Ultralean by SEI Pharmaceuticals Work Well Enough to Buy?

For $49.99 you can buy far better diet pills. Or a bike to work out on. Or a gym pass.

Why trust a company that doesn’t divulge ingredient quantity?

Or has a lame money-back guarantee on UNOPENED BOTTLES ONLY.

And no customer reviews.

Keep looking girlfriend…