universal nutrition ripped fast side effects

universal-nutrition-ripped-fast-side-effectsYou know you have muscles under all that fat, right?

I work out regularly, but my Achilles’ heel is my belly fat. You can actually feel my six pack under it!

Unfortunately it’s being bullied by subcutaneous fat, and my six pack looks more like several half-deflated spare tires piled one on top of the other.


Universal Nutrition is a trusted name in the world of body building. ‘Ripped Fast’ is a fat burning pill that promises to deal with those hard-to-reach areas so you can send that belly, thigh or rear fat packing, and see the smooth, cut muscle beneath it.

It does this by:

* Helping get rid of subcutaneous fat that hides natural muscle striations and makes you look smooth.
* Containing high potency lipotropics, energizers and herbals to reduce water retention.
* Offering choline, inositol and chromium-three important lipotropic and insulin-regulating nutrients.

The question is–can it do it? I am all for help in my pursuit of vanquishing stubborn fat. Particularly when I’m already working out an hour and a half a day and watching my diet–with little results.

Yes I’m fit.

BUT I’M STILL FAT! (In some areas anyway.)

The ingredients will tell us if Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast is an effective diet pill. Let’s look at ‘em…

Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Ingredients

The Ripped Fast dosage is 4 capsules. In each serving you get the following:

* Chromium 200 mcg-clinically proven to regulate blood sugar so your craving for sweets and high carbohydrate foods is significantly lessened, Chromium is an excellent ingredient. 200 mcg is the lower end of the effective dose scale, but it’ll work.
* Vitamin B6 2 mg-B vitamins are excellent for providing natural, sustainable energy and to de-stress you. Unfortunately while extremely good for you, their weight loss results are hardly measurable.
* Caffeine Anhydrous 125 mg-‘anhydrous’ is a fancy word for dehydrated. Caffeine is the most common and cheapest weight loss stimulant. It raises metabolic rate. Unfortunately 125 mg is only the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee.
* Green Tea 250 mg-clinically proven to oxidise fat and raise metabolism with its offering of EGCG’s and natural caffeine, Green Tea is extremely high in antioxidants. Antioxidants stop free radical damage to cells, heal disease and slow premature aging. 400 mg is a good dose so this isn’t quite enough.

Diuretic and Metabolic Complex 1000 mg containing:

* Alfalfa, Dandelion Root and Uva Ursi-natural diuretics that help you lose water weight and heal urinary tract infections.
* Cayenne, Cha Dr Bugre-to raise metabolic rate.

Lipotropic Complex 750 mg containing:

* Choline Bitratrate and Inositol-combined Choline Bitratrate and Inositol energize a sluggish metabolism and nourish the nervous system.
* Lecithin (Soy)-provides liver health and helps lower LDL cholesterol–but there is no evidence it helps with weight loss.

So you’ve got two quality and clinically proven ingredients here. One in ‘okay’ dose (Chromium) and one in low dose (Green Tea.)

You’ve also got some herbals to make you pee.

The rest of the ingredients are pretty fluffy. And never trust the proprietary blend–there’s no way of knowing how much of each ingredient you’re getting. (It’s usually too little of the good stuff and too much of the cheaper ingredients.)

This is a weak formula.

Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Side Effects

Any side effects from Ripped Fast will be from the caffeine–and the diuretics. Stimulants can create headaches, the jitters, nervousness and irritability. With diuretics you’re not going to want to stray from a bathroom for a few days.

Unfortunately water weight is probably the only weight you’re going to lose with Ripped Fast.

Does Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Work Well Enough to Buy?

It’s cheap at $21.95. There’s no money back guarantee on the official site, so I’d look around and find it from a third-party retailer for even cheaper than that.

But honestly there are too few clinical ingredients in Ripped Fast’s formula to get giddy about it.

And I’m pretty sure it’s not going to help your muscles come out from their hiding places.

Keep looking…

Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating