First of all, it must be pointed out that VitaminID is designated to be primarily a gap filler, meaning that the aim of this product isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but to increase the overall well-being of one’s health.  This is done through providing adequate vitamins, to fill in the gaps that people naturally have from a poor diet.  

One really neat feature of this product is that it does contain a survey that one takes prior to taking the supplements.  This really is a novel concept, and one that ostensibly should improve anyone’s overall health.  One helpful thing about the website is that it does contain adequate material.  

What I mean by this is that the website contains information about each ingredient, vitamin and mineral that one would need to know about.  I like that they are relatively open when it comes to what one should take.  This company also has a return policy, which is a 30-day return policy.  

One thing to be concerned about is the fact that you must be on autoship. In general, one should beware of autoship, as often it can be difficult to cancel, and to me it indicates lack of faith in the product.

Vitamin ID Side Effects

There are no known negative side effects for this product.  I would suggest consulting a physician before deciding to engage in a vitamin program.

Does Vitamin ID work well enough to buy?

I will not argue that consuming more vitamins will increase the overall health of the body.  I maintain that in order to lose weight, any supplement must contain some key ingredients, if not, it is of no use.  Furthermore, to see optimal results, one should focus on a healthy diet, and exercise program.  

VitaminID will certainly lead you to better health, but will not assist in weight loss as effectively as other products.  Search elsewhere if you want to achieve your weight loss goals.