Like many of the products reviewed on this site, Xanthadrene is widely available from many different outlets.  Although readily available, it should be known that even if a product is popular, doesn’t mean it is effective.  

Remember, Hugo Chavez has a “high” approval rating in Venezuela.  This product claims to be able to increase metabolic rate, and burn 10% more body weight, with a specific focus on the abdomen area of the body!  

First off, there is no drug/pill/diet that is able to target a specific area of the body.  Only an overall loss of body fat will contribute to fat management.  A quick look at the ingredients contained in Xanthadrene shows that there isn’t much to this diet pill.  Xanthadrene contains:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • South African Hoodia
  • Pomegranate Extract

This certainly isn’t a long ingredients list, and when looked at in detail, these ingredients in the supplement aren’t in large doses.

Xanthadrene Side Effects

Green Tea Extract has been shown to have multiple health benefits, and has been proven to assist in weight loss.  This being said, this form of Green Tea Extract does contain Caffeine, which is a powerful stimulant.  

Each serving of Xanthadrene contains only 18mg of caffeine, so it doesn’t appear to be too strong.  The 18mg is equivalent to 1/5 of a cup of coffee.  Pregnant and nursing women as well as those sensitive to caffeine are advised not to take this supplement.

Hoodia is a popular fad on the market today.  It has been shown to cause upset stomach, as well as potential complications with one’s liver.  This being said, Hoodia appears relatively safe.  

One warning must be stated clearly – there has been no scientific evidence showing that Hoodia is effective!

Does Xanthadrene work well enough to buy?

Although Green Tea Extract and Caffeine have been associated with weight loss, the amount contained in Xanthadrene isn’t enough to cause significant weight loss. Furthermore, Hoodia has not been proven to cause weight loss.

With so many scientifically proven supplements available, don’t settle for a supplement that has insufficient ingredients in insufficient amounts.