xenadrine ultra 99 caffeine free side effects

xenadrine-ultra-99-caffeine-free-side-effectsWe all want to feel good about the way we look. It is a simple desire to have our inside good feelings externalized. Many diet pills on the market offer to also boost your energy levels so you can feel good while dieting. However, this usually means that the diet pill is full of stimulants such as caffeine that can come with some nasty side effects.

Diet pills that use stimulants usually provide appetite suppression and a boost of energy but can lead to a come down effect that will have you feeling sluggish. The side effects of these stimulants are, but not limited to sleeplessness, nervousness, jitters and upset stomach.

Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free offers an alternative to all of this by taking caffeine almost entirely out of the equation. Can a stimulant free diet pill really work?

Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free main ingredient is Decaffeinated Green Coffee extract. Xenadrine points to a study done on the ingredient as their proof that Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free will work for you. What they leave out is that the study was done on regular Green Coffee and that the caffeine content may be responsible for most of the weight loss results achieved. It is also important to remember that a study done on only one ingredient does not in any way shape or form prove that a diet pill works.

To find out more about the skinny on Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free, we should take a look at the main ingredients in the formula.

Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free Ingredients

The ingredients in Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free are not worth writing home about. They also leave out the important information about the ingredient amounts by using proprietary blends. Without the amounts, there is no way for us to know if enough of the main components are in the formula in order for them to be effective.

Here are some of the main ingredients in Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free.
* Decaffeinated Green Coffee
* Vitamin B
* Para-Amino-Bensoic Acid
* Beta-Sitosterol
* Campesterol

Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free Side Effects

Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free may still have some caffeine side effects, especially for those that are sensitive to caffeine. It is not suitable for women that are pregnant or nursing and should not be taken without first speaking with your doctor. If you are on any medication or have a medical history you should contact a medical professional.

Does Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free Work Well Enough to Buy?

Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free does not work well enough to buy. The ingredients are weak and the formula is broken up into proprietary blends, hiding the amounts. Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free also misleads the customer into thinking that the diet pill is scientifically proven.

I suggest skipping Xenadrine Ultra 99% Caffeine-Free and looking for a diet pill that is truly clinically proven. Make sure that any studies that are used as evidence are done on the actual diet pill formula or else they are no good. You should also look for a diet pill that does not used proprietary blends and offers transparency to their customers.