xenadrine ultra side effects

xenadrine-ultra-side-effectsDid you recently see the commercial for Xenadrine Ultra?  Is that why you are thinking of using it for some extra assistance in your weight loss program?  Xenadrine Ultra is most well-known from the commercials.  They show some users of Xenadrine Ultra who have incredible bodies and look stunning in their bathing suits.

Xenadrine products are a definite concern for some users.  they were at one point taken off the market because of safety questions.  Since then they have taken great care to redo their products so they are safer for consumers.  Xenadrine Ultra is one of these new formulations.  It uses some clinically proven ingredients but we are concerned that they do not have the necessary amounts of some of these ingredients to help you lose weight permanently.

Xenadrine Ultra Ingredients

Vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, calcium, caffeine, PABA, phytosterol complex, wild olive leaf extract, comino seed extract, and horsemint extract.  Most of these ingredients are included in a 337 mg proprietary blend.  this small blend hardly gives you enough of any of the ingredients to cause significant weight loss.

Xenadrine Ultra has studied the main ingredients but not the product as a whole.  These main ingredients were likely included in greater amounts than what they have included in their diet pill.  This means that you are not likely to experience the results that are found in the studies.

In order for caffeine to raise your metabolism and encourage fat burning it would need to be included in a greater amount.  You would need at least 400 mg to see the best results.  On the plus side, Xenadrine Ultra can increase your energy levels and help you to have then motivation to spend more time in the gym.

Xenadrine Ultra works mainly by increasing metabolism.  They have a lot of ingredients that are vitamins and minerals you need each day.  But they do not have enough of these nutrients to replace your daily vitamin so it is still important that you follow a healthy diet and spend plenty of time working out to lose fat and keep that fat off.

Xenadrine Ultra Side Effects

The stimulating ingredients in Xenadrine Ultra could cause side effects like headaches, nervousness, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, jitteriness, and insomnia.  These side effects are not a problem for everyone who uses Xenadrine Ultra but if you are sensitive to stimulants you may want to avoid Xenadrine Ultra.

Does Xenadrine Ultra Work Well Enough to Buy?

You do not get a money back guarantee when you buy Xenadrine Ultra.  They have some good ingredients but if they spent as much money on product development as they did on advertisements they may have more powerful diet pills that actually live up to all the claims that are made.  As of now, Xenadrine Ultra does not have enough of the key ingredients that you need for extended weight loss.  With other diet pills that can do so much more than Xenadrine Ultra you may as well get the most out of your money and lose fat permanently.