zooburn side effects

zooburn-side-effectsZooBurn?  My first thought-“What the?”  The one that followed, “Well, this could be really clever marketing.  I know a few people that resemble an ape when undressed and could use losing a few pounds-and electrolysis!” 

ZooBurn is a fat burner, and I actually quite like the gimmicky name.  If the company had really gone all out and created a fun website complete with cartoon gorillas and peeled bananas with slogans like, ‘Don’t slip up with your diet!” it might have been fun.  Providing the product was any good of course. 

(Yes, they should have me working for them…)

Unfortunately ZooBurn doesn’t even have a fun bottle.  And the website is pretty standard and uninteresting; as well as uninformative.  In fact it’s hard to find much info on ZooBurn at all. 

It’s such a shame when they could have really gone bananas and generated good sales…

ZooBurn Ingredients

ZooBurn contains a proprietary blend.  Blends sound good but are essentially iffy.  Most hide the fact that they contain ineffective dosages of the key ingredients that may actually do something.  ZooBurn does not disclose the quantity of the proprietary blend…or the ingredients at all for that matter.  All you get on their official site is a tiny image of the bottle label.  I dare you to try to read it…but you’d need the eyes of a hawk to do so.  I did manage to find out what’s in it from another site.  So let’s stop monkeying around and look at the ingredients:

  • Chromium—Chromium is actually a good ingredient.  It’s an essential mineral that strengthens your metabolism by helping the body more efficiently absorb glucose so it can be used for energy rather than stored as yucky fat.  It’s been clinically tested in many studies and proven to work.  However I’d question how much you’re getting in ZooBurn when they won’t tell you!
  • Hoodia Cactus Powder—Hoodia is from the Hoodia Gordonii cactus.  It’s indigenouss to Africa and the story is Sans Tribesmen use it to hunt for days on end in the heat without need of food and water.  There’s no clinical proof that this so-called ‘natural appetite suppressant’ works however.  Without proof it’s just hearsay.  Although it is a cool story.
  • Magnolia Bark—purportedly burns fat while supporting mood.  No clinical studies have been done to back this claim.
  • Chad de Bugre—the Brazilians apparently love this ingredient for weight and water loss. No clinical evidence to support…other than some pretty hot bodies on Brazilian beaches!
  • Green Tea Extract—Green Tea is an excellent ingredient with a plethora of clinical study to back it as a fat burner, and general cure-all.  The caffeine in this ingredient may boost your energy levels.  But again, how much are you getting?

ZooBurn Side Effects

Any side effects you’ll get from taking ZooBurn will come from the caffeine in the Green Tea.  But I doubt it’ll be enough to keep you awake at night.  I’d be more worried about you getting any effects at all.

Does ZooBurn Work Well Enough to Buy? 

It’s a shame, but probably not.  I really do like the name, and the company could have done much more with it.  I totally dislike when a manufacturer hides information from consumers though.  If they’ve got a product worth going ape about, why not shout it from the treetops?  ZooBurn is $19.95 plus shipping and these days none of us can afford to be cheetahed out of $20!  Plus there is no refund to back it.  Bottom line-you’d be a chimp (or is it ‘chump’?) to buy this product if you’re really expecting not to be ‘burned.’  But it’s fun all the same….and has given me excellent cause to be punny.